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  1. Yeah, even if you get any say in it it'll be "which of these three songs off the set list would you like dedicated to you"
  2. I'm not fast enough. I refresh and they're available, but then when you select them they're gone
  3. I did become queen of the muse board though, swings and roundabouts!

  4. you left and so did everyone else!

  5. Omg I'd love a rarities tour!!!! But I iz screaming femalez so I'd probably not be allowed in And it will never happen anyway.
  6. Definite Top Pinkpop 2004 Sportpaleis 2006 Ahoy 2003 casino de paris 2010 Middle werchter 2006 ewerk 2012 reading 2011 leeds 2011 Sportpaleis 2012 Ziggo dome 2012 Goffertpark 2010 wembley (night 2) 2010 ziggo dome 2016 manchester 2016 definite low Werchter (stadium show) 2013 glasgow 2009
  7. It's a wonderful attitude to have. The gigs I went to after spending lots of time in this thread and seeing rotations and thus expecting certain songs? I didn't get those songs so I was well disappointed and it ruined my mood during the gig. Gigs where I've had no expectations and was more interested in the support acts? Brilliant, great nights! I follow this line of thinking in every day life as well. Balls I've probably failed that exam. Oh I scraped a pass? YAY!
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