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  1. Ah would have given you mine of I'd known
  2. There were whole sections of upper tier seating empty
  3. NO she was in the row next to us, a little in the middle. We then moved to the right hand bag queue once they had put those up.
  4. How far were you removed from the girl with the pen? :chuckle:
  5. Must have seen you in the queue then Jobby, we were at Y too.
  6. Posted on Facebook "Thank you Manchester!! What a great end to the U.K. tour. Jamming with Tom Morello was a blast! We’ve had such a great time in the U.K. we wanna come back for more. Stay tuned for a major announcement about UK shows on Monday June 10th...."
  7. The barrier was pretty dead with all the mum&dad with their lunch boxes. But it was also very friendly so that was a nice change 😂 I enjoyed the gig. The shit sandwich was boring but I see I was lucky not to have UD in there too. I had purposely not followed anything so it was nice to get hysteria, bliss, TAB, and most of new born
  8. I was in an endless loop yesterday but someone this morning I managed to log in. It so far hasn't logged me back out yet.
  9. I did become queen of the muse board though, swings and roundabouts!

  10. you left and so did everyone else!

  11. You're awful! Maybe we should take this to facebook instead!

    well donnnneeee!!! Except forget all the fun next year, you'll need to achieve moar things and be the bestest :p When can I come visit and see hobbits?

    Life is okay I guess, I'm done with uni and am back home in the middle of nowhere. I'm not licensed yet so I work 5 days a week for experience rather than money. So poor :'(

  12. No we haven't! I saw pictures of you fly by on facebook and you looked like you were enjoying yourself quite a bit! Placement was good, Newbury was awful. Have you been doing anything other than being THE PARTY MAN?

  13. I wasn't gonna answer and give them impression I'm on this site 24/7 but we all know better than that.


  14. wat heeft ego moeten censoren in zijn laatste post? :p

  15. Well Ghent is absolutely lovely! We could do the usual as well, Bruges, Brussels, Antwerp? OH! Ghent Festival starts 18th of july, that would be fab time to be in Ghent actually. I'm off to Cath at Stu's wedding on the 23rd of July and I'll be staying in Glasgow for a week I think. Probs wasn't too clear, my dates were a 'can't do then'.


    I know right, check me out. Any fun stories to tell me? :eyebrows:

    Nah only 8 this time.

  16. Ermageeerd! Yes please do!

    Where: Ghent

    When: ehh not before 20th of june, first weekend of July, 12th july, 23rd July - 1st August

    You can take the Megabus from London to Ghent (which I will be doing in three weeks, one day only visit" London June 17th).


    I'm alright, exams at the moment and having a bit of a life. Recovered from your hangover yet?

  17. Annual 'hi' and then silence message? :phu:

    Looking good, babe

  18. Remember I told you about Happie the seal who has taken a fancy to the water near my house? Ermagerd! (not my picture though)




    And you should get back your cat, you look weird without it.

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