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  1. I was kinda leaning more towards doubled up with chris than just on its own (like the second "i need to love" in madness in falsetto with chris) but i'd much rarther that than trying to hit the chest note live & falling a tad flat.
  2. Gotta say i prefer the way he sings it live at 2:45-3:00 now (with both lines doing decending falsetto) to the recorded version. He should've done that to start with but with a harmony with chris, would've been ace
  3. Người mẫu Singapore tố "yêu râu xanh" chụp lén chỗ nhạy cảm, đồng phục tiếp viên hàng không được bán ở chợ đen, mỹ nữ Hàn mặc váy ngắn mà hớ hênh là những tin tức hot nhất trong ngày.

    trung tâm đào tạo tiếng anh

    tiếng anh newlight








    Vừa qua, trong một triển lãm xe hơi ở Singapore, người mẫu 9X Miki Ace đã lên tiếng vạch mặt một người đàn ông vì chỉ chuyên chụp lén những chỗ nhạy cảm. Trên trang cá nhân, cô khẳng định vì nhìn thấy "gã yêu râu xanh" này có cử chỉ lén lút nhắm ống kính máy ảnh vào mình nhiều lần nên cảm thấy nghi ngờ từ đầu.

  4. Not been on here in an age... My band has a little Muse-y edge, so it may take your fancy...Or not. Im gonna go with the latter Shoddy Demo's https://soundcloud.com/buying-lies/old-generations https://soundcloud.com/buying-lies/the-rise-fall Shoddy Live Vids: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8rXm1-Ovp4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KS5zyMDBVNI
  5. The best way is a Battle Royal But being serious ... As awesome as the teignmouth gigs were, i remember tickets being on sale up till the gig, they didn't sell out. Demand isn't that huge down there, less populated. So if they did enough gigs i expect most of hard-core fan base would get a look in if they did it.
  6. I wholeheartedly agree that the tickets should be given to members who are now old bastards from over 10 years ago ... whoever said it.... Oh wait, that was me. Shit, im old
  7. Well..... i just took it to the local shop. It had a slightly off neck, the action was off & the nut was high on the G. He did measurements at the 14th fret top string then worked down the strings whilst working down the fret board ending up at the 9th low E. Great watching someone in the know just tinkering with it. Basically its worth letting the pro loose on it. Its magic to play now, bendings so much more powerful & no buzz anywhere.
  8. Might be playing around with it soooon so got some questions if anyone can help? I've got a fender tele deluxe with jumbo frets & i currently use standard ernie's 10-46. But im gonna change them for Hybrids 9-46 cos the neck scales so long i struggle a wee bit controlling bends. Question being... Will i need to tweek the rod for this minor change in gauge? Alsooooo. I hear people say the neck should have a slight bow. I know the little trick test where you hold down the first fret, then highest fret. Then see how much of a gap is under he 12th. But with jumbo frets should there really be a gap? You'd need a big bow to manage it with jumbo frets surely? But then you can also argue that straights good enough for the guitar neck let alone bowed. Opinions anyone? Cheers for you timez peoplez! P.s. Dont worry i know how careful you need to be with truss rods etc etc etc. dont panic
  9. Excuse me to disturb you,

    I see you're one of older member on this forum, I'd like to know if we can contact Matthew Bellamy. Thanks for your answer and excuse my english

  10. Just co's i cant tell if you were being a "cunt" in general http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=98FN9ZFWOXk 19sec-21sec
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