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    All Official UK CD single and album releases plus Muscle Museum EP, random 1-8, showbiz promo and a bunch of single promos.

    Super deluxe boxsets of The Resistance, The 2nd Law, Drones, Simulation theory and Simulation Theory the film, Origin of Muse.

    All Official albums on vinyl including Showbiz (clear vinyl version) and Origin of Symmetry (mushroom records version)

    Various 7” singles

    12” Exogenesis on White vinyl

    All DVDs and hullabaloo on VHS
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    Birmingham 2000
    Birmingham 2001
    Wolverhampton 2001
    Leeds festival 2002
    Manchester 2003
    Birmingham 2003
    London 2003
    Vfestival 2004
    London 2004
    Birmingham 2006
    Birmingham 2009
    Manchester 2012
    Coventry 2013
    Manchester 2016
    Manchester 2019
    Birmingham 2019

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  1. Yeah that’s about as much as I could find out. I’ve only seen 2-3 online ever. It is indeed beautiful!
  2. Recently opened my factory wrapped exogenesis vinyl to discover I have the ultra rare white version. I was wondering if anyone knows how many were released. I can’t find much information online and thought I’d see if the community knew more and if anyone else has one. I know 2000 were released in general, mainly the black version.
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