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  1. It would have been Freddie Mercury's 70th birthday today
  2. It started on BBC four then switched to BBC two
  3. Watching on BBC 4 and the sound levels/ mix is right off:stunned:
  4. I only decided to go a couple days ago as I got a good priced ticket on a resale website. Man it was worth it, Muse were on fire as usual, excellent stagecraft. Only quibble I had was the queue going into the section of the arena I was in 'H' was massive don't know what was going on as security was not massively increased.
  5. Crumbs never heard of this venue!. Needs investigating!
  6. George Osborne ‏@George_Osborne 4h Part of the strange life of living in Downing St. Watching with my son as @muse play live over the back garden pic.twitter.com/MZXOsUKtIl
  7. Is this the same queue going down the mall?? If it is its massive! Just sistting outside thee British Council
  8. Lucky bunnies who got autographs!. Leaving home within the hour, starting to get butterflies and getting excited!
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