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  1. Thinking about it, you know we're all saying that one of the solo bits will be trumpet? If you look at the Darkshines tab in the official book, it says Matt uses a trumpet effect from some pedal board, can't remember which exactly, maybe he was using that again, or will use it live...unless he's mastered the trumpet?
  2. I don't know how many of you have a copy of The Tornados' 'Telstar' but 'Knights of Cydonia' is SO similar, it's not true - especially the drumbeat...
  3. Yeh I got it sorted thanks! Although it wasn't by using the Effects Loop (which I'll get on to) I now have : Amp > ZOOM > Whammy > Fuzz > Guitar As for the effects loops, we've apparently got a very good amp (Marshall 20W valve amp) - but if you put something in the effects loops, its effect is minimal, you can barely hear whatever has been patched through!
  4. Yeh, I just checked, theres a send and return so are you saying to try : SEND> FF > RETURN? Yeh without the ZOOM it does work better, but then I would lose my other effects from it, which i use a lot. PS: I know everyone says ZOOM is crap, and it is compared to individual pedals, but im getting there, by starting with the two expensive ones first!
  5. I'm pretty sure i did, yeh ive done: Whammy>FF>ZOOM ; FF>Whammy>ZOOM and ZOOM>Whammy?FF i dunno, am at a loss (PS: thanks for this help Palo Alto - youre always there when we need you!)
  6. Well, not effects loop as such, i think the amp has a socket for one, but i dont (know how to) use it. Would it help if I did? I just have: Guitar > ZOOM > Whammy > Amp Where does the FF go?
  7. I need help setting up my pedals, and the order in which I should place them. (I realise there are other threads about this, but I'd like to have replies to my question alone!! Call me a selfish bastard, but hey!) I was fine until I got a Fuzz Factory yesterday. Before that I just had a Whammy Pedal and a ZOOM GFX404 multieffects pedal (this is not to become a Zoom bitching thread!). As I and you all know, the Whammy 'likes' coming first. All very well. Now... when I use the the Fuzz Factory on its own, it's fine, and does what I want it to. ie. mimics Muse (my setting is 2:30 ; 3:15 ; 5:00 ; 5:00), which is like the Plug In Baby Live intro stuff if you play with the stab and the volume. However, as soon as I put this in the effects loop, it no longer wishes to work like that. So what I'm asking is what order should I put them in, or do I need to adjust the settings on the Fuzz Factory to compensate? Cheers for any help you can proffer, Alex
  8. This is a little joky, but nevertheless: I've played once! NAME: 'Me And My Machine' Just me on guitar, and a drum beat box (doing snare, bass over and over) Four songs: Random Riff Jam Ctrl Alt Delete Postman Pat (the main theme was incorporated in the solo) Whammy Wahnsinn (wahnsinn= german for 'madness') Was brilliant, everyone loved me, 'twas at a school 'Battle of the Bands' - I didn't win, but it went down really well. I was taking a page out of Muse's books by taking the piss out of the competition. Whammy Wahnsinn did have a basic structure, but the end was a five minute outro of noise, feedback, pitchshifting and wah (inc. me balancing on a wah and whammy pedal at the same time) BRILLIANT!! Feedback please!?!?
  9. I'd have to say that there's one off each album at least: Showbiz: 'Showbiz' and 'Sober' OOS: 'Darkshines' and 'Megalomania' Absolution: 'Falling Away With You' and 'Ruled By Secrecy' B-Sides: 'Eternally Missed' (which was absolutely amazing live, and deserved to be on the album or have a single of its own, the live version is better than the studio), 'Do We Really Need This?' and 'Instant Messenger' (better than Pink Ego Box)
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