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  1. Your welcome! I used to be a hardcore Sonic fan (:rolleyes:) when I was little. :LOL:

  2. Sounds like a Muse lyric, so yeah, I can buy this, but only if it was... KISSSIN - GER ! KISSSIN - GER !
  3. Must just be the concerts I've been to that are swarmed with them. EDIT: Yeah, its made me tempted to get a tw@tter account... almost.
  4. So if that guy activates the USB stick for their free tickets what are the chances that he'll be mobbed by greasy haired angry emos?
  5. I love your signature of Tails!! :awesome:

  6. I got bored so made a myspace page for random stoof. No EP to plug, no requests for you to add me to your friends list. Just listen and make of it what you will. http://www.myspace.com/ckilburn
  7. sounds like the first draft of Butterflies and Hurricanes, drums are ok though. Hmm on further listening, it sounds bland as fuck, exactly like B&H, there's about 4 bars of music in that song, Matt lets the effects do all the work.
  8. Yeah me have thought this for a while hehe. If you listen to any Muse songs you can hear alot of Nintendo and Sonic Teamesque music. There's a bit of Citizen Erased that sounds like Final Fantasy, Bliss sounds like Final Fantasy as well
  9. oh yeah i can see the U2 comparisons, wonder if this has anything to do when Matt asked 'The Edge' about his delay a few years back hehe
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