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  1. Yep. Just went and bought my merch today since I had the time and I was worried about carrying it with me tomorrow. No. I think they used to do 3 day travelcards, but they were just the same as 3 one day travelcards. Same here. Really annoying as I spent a good hour waiting for the person to turn up. Didn't even get in touch when I texted them.
  2. You can get a zone 1&2 travelcard and just put some extra money on it to pay for when you go out to zone 4. Remember to use a zone extension if you plan on using the national rail network. If you have a young persons railcard, get it registered on the oyster too, this makes everything a lot cheaper.
  3. I've had that too but I'd much rather take them on with a few well placed elbows, than possibly being suffocated standing (I'm really short). I've also had people try to feel me up too, that's really not pleasant. But people around tend to be good and help you out in situations if you just make it clear you're uncomfortable. Most of the bad times I've had have involved drunk people. I don't understand why people would queue and pay a significant amount of money to merely piss people off and not really remember the night.
  4. There really isn't much to worry about. People tend to look after each other down front, cause it can get dangerous if you or other people are being seriously stupid. But the security will have been at more gigs than most of us and will do their jobs well and will pull out people causing trouble or they see you need help. If he's intent on being down there, just remind him to ask for help if he needs it and not to try and be all macho if it gets tough. He'll meet people who will convince him to get out if he needs to.
  5. It's not so bad actually on the barrier. You can use it to push all the people back. And security tend to be good a pulling out trouble makers that are stupid enough to push right at the front.
  6. Security is pretty tight in the first place from quite early on cause of the number of people. I'd be surprised if security would let you in, unless they pushed all the way through the from the back. They've got a lot of people out there making sure there's no trouble happening. Too many people. As in, wristbands handed out to reserve places in the queue
  7. You're lucky then. Last time at wembley we came out a little late and rushed to the merch stall only to have the security shut it down 5 minutes later. I had to come back the next day and get stuff.
  8. If you queue with your friends you will not be able to get in cause the scanners won't accept your ticket. Try swapping with the people on the thread listing gates people are queuing at. The unofficial merch stalls aren't policed by the security. They're all outside anyway.
  9. Yes but they have a curfew. If you want to buy after you'd best be quick cause everything closes down at half 11 or earlier. All the security just want to go home. The official stalls that are outside are usually closed by the time the gig ends. Yes. You scan them in and that's it. I think they don't even rip them or anything anymore.
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