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  1. Have to say, having been to at least one date on every tour since 2001 (Bham Academy - those were the days) I might have to draw the line at this. £60+ per ticket including fees, without even having heard the new stuff? IMO they have gone a bit too far this time. They will sell like hot cakes of course, but anything over 45/50 quid each including fees just seems ever so slightly scandalous.
  2. No idea if he's on this site, but a guy at the NEC December 2003 at the very front near the barrier, I know some other people on here saw him cos we mentioned it on here at the time, it was absolutely frightening, there's the 'oh yes I spose he looks a bit like him in a certain type of light' ones, but no, this guy WAS Matt. He had absolutely perfect Hullabaloo spikey hair as well, even had the Bellamy nose, it was a real double take moment. Uncanny it were.
  3. Lol! How did you miss that one then? I was there, November 1st 2001, top quality. Walked through the doors and Deftones were playing over the PA too which was cool. It's really strange thinking back to those gigs, and the differences between now and then. Muse's profile is huge now, it was big then as it was obviously post-OOS, but it' gone to a new level. Put it this way, can't see myself standing outside the De Montfort Hall or Brum academy to see Muse again! Happy days......... And for the record I thought HR were class that night, but I must admit their new album from what I have heard is crap, and Colin Doran's voice has deteriorated from 'edgy and acceptable' to 'absolutely appalling, and above all a complete embarassment'. I think HR have blown it to be honest, Ideas above... gave them a good platform to really hit it big, but this album hasn't delivered. They could've been massive, but I think they have blown it.
  4. Don't worry, yeah the arse thing was obviously the comical misinterpretation, but then the 'when we all know it's eyes....' was meant to be ironic, it's a turn of phrase, like I say these things don't always work over the net!
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