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  1. excited now. Especially as the Warchild twitter said this... gary catchpole ‏@gazzer1 @WarChildUK any news on guest at muse concert yet thanks Expand 29m War Child UK War Child UK ‏@WarChildUK @gazzer1 Not yet no. soon hopefully! Hope its someone good like biffy or white lies again, cant be doing with ANY of the brit nominees like jake bugg or rita ora that would suck major balls
  2. btw, i could be in band2 on guitar if you want
  3. i hope it wasnt you're talking about lol, actually no it cant be as we didnt play bliss
  4. thats me, the photos are taken from the gigs we did (well, aprt from the one on the right which is in my bedroom)
  5. i'm in a muse tribute band called bemused, we are on the manic depression dvd i did upload the mp3's from one of our gigs on invictus' site under the username mattman for those of you who wanna listen
  6. sorry, i only have 4 pedals (inc tuner) im obviously not pedely enough to be in this thread
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