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  1. citizen aqualand parts


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  2. i feel a bit sad now, it's all over. aw... keep your doodlings coming mara!
  3. oh wow one more page!! *munches on popcorn... and anticipates* *is also contemplating taking a "radiohead, lol" sign the next time she sees muse*
  4. i love the last panel, the shading is just yummy and matts expression is great! you've mentioned it, now you must use the radiohead, lol thing!
  5. kirky is back and pantless!!! wandering around trying to find the band for two hours without pants. my kind of man.
  6. welcome back strawbs!!! nettle can't die... matt you murderer!!! now i'm all emotionally confused...
  7. i want to be abducted by zetas and fly around the universe doing the macarena.
  8. i'm currently in the process of updating. i think DA hates me now. i kinda raped it.
  9. now i have listened to the album version almost as much as i have listened to the live version i can honestly say that this song totally fucking pwns. everything. apart from hoodoo. the lyrics on the album are better too. <3
  10. aah... i havent been on there in ages. 60D, 24H, 2M, 1J, 1N o_O oooh...oops. me: http://petroleum.deviantart.com/ needs updating. will do at some point.
  11. i love this song. yay for zetas!!! w00t. it makes me paranoid. i'm not sure if the zetas popping over to say hello would be a good thing. this needs to be a single. i want to see how the mainstream takes the whole alien idea thing.
  12. "crap." that is a really cool page. have fun at the camp strawberry!!
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