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  1. Imma send you a smiley face, bitches love smiley faces

  2. Hey dude, do you have more photos of your guitar? Wanna perv at them :D ideally not with the weird yellow room temperature lights :D

  3. hahah those were the days, haven't done much lately i'm afraid :(

  4. yay thanks :) things have changed i must say :) now i have a daddy 5d camera and i just waltz around taking photos of gigs :) but yeah :) thanks :) (smiley fest)

  5. Owww wish i was, giggling tonight :( and tomorrow, seeing 65daysofstatic and sonic youth tomorrow

  6. Everyone's on nowwwww!

  7. oww where did you go :(

  8. Yay emmy :D you need to change your undertitle to "the great" on february :p

  9. you should book tickets to see of Montreal play at digital now that it's around the corner this month! I managed to get tickets to see them so it will be ace seeing you there (and of Montreal is all kinds of ace beans!!)

  10. Happy new year :D *shrugs*

  11. whats your playstation 3 id yo?

  12. failing on the ps3?

  13. move the netgear a bit :p

  14. okies, if you have a bluetooth headset we could totally talk at the same time with the ps3s, that or if you have a usb headset :D

  15. yup, as long as you have a cable :)

  16. oh ok, well if all fails... you can go wired?

  17. *sigh* what's the matter now? :p

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