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  2. Summary

    other studies stress the positive effects that tourism can bring to quality of life issues, including a greater “sense of place” for rural residents, an upgrading of local cultural facilities, or anenhancement of regional conservation efforts. Frequent mention is made of different strategies

    employed in rural tourism, including heritage tourism, nature-based tourism/ecotourism, and


    Other studies caution that effective rural tourism requires careful planning and development and

    Peru destinations

    Cusco Tours

    typically employs well thought-out marketing approaches. Even well-designed tourism

    areas, especially those that are more isolated or more sparsely populated, lack the resources

    required to establish a successful tourism program

    Paquetes en Peru

    Most studies reviewed in this report deal exclusively with rural areas, although some urban

    citations have been included when the issues involved had relevance to nonmetro America. The

    focus is community-based tourism development, with an emphasis on how local communities

    can more effectively develop a viable tourism strategy. Also, while the studies were mainly

    conducted since the early 1990’s, some citations from the 1980’s have also been included.

    In recent years, rural tourism has gone through significant changes. What was once an activity

    primarily focused on usage of national parks has evolved into an area of interest now deemed to

    have considerable potential for rural development. One aspect of this change in status is the

    vocabulary used to describe various types of rural tourism activities. For example, some studies

    The remainder of this report is divided into two sections. First is a discussion of the main issues

    related to rural tourism and tourism strategies, with relevant research cited. Second is the

    annotated bibliography, organized by topic. All references cited in the discussion section can be

    found in the area of the annotated bibliography addressing the topic described

    Marketing of tourism poses special challenges for many rural areas. Frequently, rural

    communities lack the name recognition associated with more populated areas. Different

    strategies can be pursued to achieve greater name recognition among potential visitors.

    Commonly, this involves targeting potential visitors to an area. For example, Henning (1996)

    demonstrates that survey methods in a rural Louisiana community have been effective in

    targeting the area to seniors, who are among the most frequent visitors. Often regional

    marketing makes the most sense given the limited resources available to many rural areas

    (Shields and Schibik, 1995). However, Sadowske and Alexander (1992) caution that prior to

    implementing an expensive marketing strategy, communities should be aware of other costs

    associated with tourism development. They also argue that the key to success in tourism often

    lies in communities striking a balance between the private and social costs and benefits of rural

    tourism development.

  3. Hee...I'm going to California on the 26th of this month. Mostly hanging out in Garden Grove, Anaheim, Long Beach, and LA though. ^_^() Sorry for not posting for so long. I was sick (almost recovered!) for a week and a half and ended up getting 2 D's on my exams (because of me coughing constantly in class for 4 1/2 hours) and barely pulling off a C in the class.
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