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  3. This is what the FF sounds like with a hiwatt wah after it, and a killswitch: http://members.lycos.co.uk/hypermusician/ffwah.html
  4. Yeah, I had to send mine off to the US to get it repaired. Dust from halls of residence in uni interfered with the insides, I reckon. Got charged £30 in customs charges for it on the way back though, which shouldn't have happened. Zvex is a really nice person to deal with though. He gives you free stickers and badges .
  5. Ooh and also, an FF in combination with a Hiwatt custom wah and a killswitch can sound exactly like an analog synthesiser. It's cool how it reacts weirdly to certain pedals in a a chain.
  6. The fuzz factory is such a strange pedal... if you want to emulate Matt Bellamy's sound then it actually isn't that good. However, if you love Hendrix and psychedelic 60's stuff, it's amazing. Pretty much the perfect pedal for creating your own fuzzy sound. It's not too difficult to work out how to use it as long as you go by the sound of the pedal when knobs are in certain positions, rather than just setting knobs to 3 o'clock etc. For example, a good setting for me is having the drive on full, then adjusting the stab so that it squeals, then turn the comp until it sounds like someone hawking up phlegm. Then adjust the gate till the squealing just about stops, and it crackles like a geiger counter. Also, for clearer chords, if your bridge PU is highish output, lower your guitar volume pot until the sound of the FF changes, its quite noticable. This seems to add more bite and clarity to the sound. I don't understand why MB has a motherbucker, it doesn't complement the FF at all. I love my FF . It's the only pedal I need. Only get one if you write songs yourself and want to use it for your own purposes, rather than just covering muse songs. It's too good for that.
  7. Actually I think it only cost me £7 to post mine to the US and about the same for them to send it back. Trouble is, customs mistook it for a new pedal and I had to pay £30 in customs fees. Ouch.
  8. Yeah, you're totally right about that. I'm not sure if it's because my pickups are shit or not, but turning my guitar pickup volume down to around 7 makes the FF sound soooo much better.
  9. The batteries only last for 3 years if you unplug the input cable every time you finish using it, and if your cables arent dodgy.
  10. I used to use a russian big muff before the fuzz factory, but I don't really have any use for it now cos there is a setting on the FF that sounds muff-esque. I still use a marshall shredmaster as my smooth overdrive sort of distortion though.
  11. I find it easier to alternate pick it if you pick it really close to the bridge... it also makes it sound better too.
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