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  1. Just remember I can ban you again now ;)


    Come over. We are doing fireworks and food and you can have some of Aino's baked goods that I will only share with you cos I do love your face.

  2. Heart heart heart heart heart hi hi hi.

  3. You've seen me without makeup though so that would make us even :p


    This bird is taking up well too much of the time you could spend gazing upon my boobies!


    Srs doe, iduncurr about your panda face. If you want me, I'm there. *cuddles*

  4. Because you know I can't draw for shit? :LOL:


    Aww my lovely :( I can come see you if you like? Or you can come see me and I'll petrol Max up? I want to look after you!

  5. Stop being a troll when I'm offering you rudeness :LOL:


    *bans forever*

  6. Can I not just gently caress it with my mouth instead?

  7. Noods you know you can have me whenever you want. <3

  8. Nearly, feeling a bit shitty today so will probably have a nap den get on it liek. Did you need something doing? x

  9. Oh, you're cute.


    I'm gonna destroy you :awesome:

  10. I dun curr about your hair :phu: I can never be disappointed in you, so nerrrr.

  11. I can't type the words to say how excited I am that I'm gonna have a Noodles in my house :D :D :D

  12. You can come and bother me whenever the fuck you want to <3 I gots shit to do on Mondays between 4-6pm, but apart from that, I'm all yours, baybee.

  13. I'd have been happy without him :phu: but yeah, much better like this haha.


    *jiggles* I've got boobs, and a REALLY good blanket. It's soft like baby bunnies, no joak.

  14. Awwww yisssss :happy:


    I'm sleepy too, let's cuddle up and have a magnificent nap.

  15. Well, I didn't bother sending it as you were on here :LOL: but yeah, it's ok and ting. HOW R U BB? :kiss:

  16. I was just gonna go HAY Y U NO TEXT BACK?!!?! and looked back to see what I actually said in my text. I didn't send it. I do this too often :facepalm:

  17. Hello,


    The option appears only on the first of the month, but it'll be in your user CP on that day :)

  18. Hahahah FACE DELETE OMG!

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