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  1. Could not believe it's on You Tube,that's saved some money ,not a patch on the Rome DVD , but it's good not great , maybe it will grow on me , not a fan of the storyline , just want to watch a concert , if it's released on Blu ray I will buy it for my collection , but glad I didn't travel 30 miles to watch at the cinema, for me 7 out of 10 .
  2. Will this be in between time in The studio?, great to see Muse back on stage ,light at the end of the tunnel and back to normality ,one day at a time ,but this is a start and certainly made my day .
  3. I am hoping for a dvd release to add to my collection , had 20 weeks off work being furloughed , to risky going to cinema ,don't want two weeks of isolation ,so come on ,it will be a nice Christmas present for a new DVD of the world's greatest band
  4. It's been a year and a half ,a pandemic ,furlough ,week and weeks of sitting at home , so which Muse album has got you through this ? which Muse dvd ,you tube content has made you sit up and take notice , myself the making of 2nd law and watching the numerous Muse music videos has got me through this .
  5. How many are they going to allow in the cinemas ? have to wear a mask as well
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