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  1. Hi all - so I've only just found out about this set... mea culpa... Is there anywhere you can still but it other than eBay? I'd like it but also am not prepared to pay more than it's original price, which is why I'm not interested in eBay I'm excited to get it because I was at the Portsmouth Pyramids gig back in 1999! If it's the one I'm thinking of they were supporting Three Colours Red (much missed band) and it was the first of many times I've seen them live. Tbh I thought they were awful (again mea culpa...). I then saw them again literally a few days later supporting Feeder at the same venue and thought they were brilliant! The rest is history I'm also really keen to hear the Origin of Symmetry live show from Reading 2011. I was really knarked when they didn't show the whole thing on TV at the time. Hope all of you reading this are well and keeping safe
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