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    A 33 years old Muse and Rammstein fan from Basel, Switzerland. In Addition to my main Job (I work in an agency) I'm running an ASMR Youtube channel (channel Name: Pasc Storrer ASMR). You can also find me on Instagram: instagram.com/pascstorrer
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    Basel, Switzerland
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    Youtube, ASMR, travelling, movie freak, film location hunter, music, cooking & eating, writing stories and way more.
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    Commercial clerk in an agency
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    Rammstein, Muse, Danzig, Queen, AC/DC, Krokus and more.
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    Halloween, Joyride, Duel, Identity, Death Proof, Hitcher, The Neon Demon, Baby Driver, Jaws, Tremors, Disturbia, Scream, Hangover 2, etc.
    Highway and motel thriller is my favorite genre. I also really love neighbourhood thrillers, creature horror, trash movies, home invasion movies, camp horror movies, Tarantino movies and way more. Furthermore I love to watch movies from the 70's and 80's (Child's Play, Friday The 13th, Critters, Vanishing Point San Francisco, etc.).
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    Helter Skelter (true crime Bestseller from the US).
  • Muse Concerts Attended / Attending
    2010 - Bern - Resistance Tour
    2012 - Basel - The 2nd Law Arena Tour
    2013 - Bern - The 2nd Law Stadium Tour
    2015 - Biel - Sonisphere, festival tour
    2016 - Zürich - Drones Arena Tour
    2019 - Simulation Theory World Tour
  1. To be honest, I take whatever they do. As long as the band is happy with what they do, I'm in. But if I could chose or decide about the next album, I would go for this: A mixture between their stadium rock, heavier rock and experimental rock songs (Supremacy, Survival, Stockholm Syndrome, The Handler, Animals, etc.) and more stripped down or more calm rock songs such as the beautifully written and produced "Save Me". I would also appreciate 1-2 acoustic tracks as well as 1-2 funky rock songs as "Panic Station" is. And a melancholic, electric song in the style of "Isolated System" or "The Void" shouldn't be missing. I would also really appreciate if they would include choirs again in 2-3 songs. I love the choir vocals in "Survival" or the gospel version of "Something Human". As you may notice, I'm a fan of their album "The 2nd Law". The 2nd Law arena as well as the stadium tour was my favorite Muse tour so far. Needless to say that this was my favorite Muse era. But tastes are different, I got that.
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