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  1. An odd request, but does anyone have any photos of all three members of Muse from behind.
  2. Firstly I would like to say that I am a big fan of MUSE and all their work, apart from the album 2nd Law seriously that was terrible. Any way one to why I am here today. I went to see MUSE yesterday at the O2 arena and the concert was amazing. However I paid £228.76 for the enhanced simulation experience. Now I will admit I do not know what I was expecting for this, maybe some kind of virtual reality experiences or maybe a look backstage. Also I thought we were going to be let in two hours before every one else. Now what did I get for all the money I paid? I got a lunch box and a poster and I was let in about 10 minutes before everyone else (that is the people with normal tickets). Also there was another group of people with VIP tickets, I was VIP 2 they were VIP 1. I do not know what they paid but it was less then me, so who do you think was let in first my group or theirs? It was theirs. So in constitution I will leave you with this. Never by the deluxe VIP package for MUSE (unless you really want a lunch box) as you will get nothing for your money. And I expect recompense on two grounds false advertising and misappropriation of information.
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