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  1. 1 minute ago, giovannicovanni said:

    @james90 I’ll keep it in mind. Behringer UR22 is basically a Focusrite 2i4, but for much cheaper. Since I’m not going to be able to use it well (due to the computer being shitty) it won’t be necessary to get something too good I guess. 

    @nightleld Thanks! I used Logic like I mentioned above. The file isn’t completely finished IMO, so I don’t think I’ll upload it in a near time 😕 However, it’s a pitch shifter, so it plays whatever you want it to, so the tabs depend on your file.

    Btw it’s a weird tip, but if you really want to play it good, I suggest you at least try to create your “custom” file, because 1)like I said above, since it’s a pitch shifter you’ve got infinite possibilities to play it.

    2) and most importantly; I’m %100 sure if I already had found a midi file for this song before, I couldn’t play it this well. 

    oh awesome!




    i have no knowledge of this stuff lmao

  2. 14 hours ago, james90 said:


    Exactly. I know the one Matt tends to use in his live setup is a slightly older Vexter (the one after the initial black/green print version), but those shouldn't vary anywhere near as much as the old pedals did. Tolerances aside, the older pedals did have differences in component types as well, but it seems like they became fairly consistent after he switched transistor types in 2003/2004

    But as far as the settings go, the sound I'm describing is... well, it's that effect you get when turning the comp control up. It seems to take away a bit of low end and make the high end a bit smoother? But you don't want to turn it too far (past where it stops oscillating) otherwise the sustain is affected. You basically just want it to have that subtle effect on the sound. I'd also keep the stab control on a higher setting (around 2 o clock as mentioned) since it does take away some low end. Same with the drive control (keep this above 12 o clock). I'd try to set the gate around 9 o clock, but you can lower it if it's affecting the sustain too much

    Here's a good example. He probably has the comp control turned a bit higher than I'd suggest for Unsustainable, but you should be able to hear the effect I'm referring to. 



    With the nut strike bit, I think I see what you mean. The reason it works better switching between active/bypass (rather than active with expression CC 0/CC 127) is because of the difference in high end when using the pedal. In other words, if the pedal is on the whole time, it will be reducing the high end the entire time, as the signal is going through the pedal anyway. But if you switch between active/bypass, the nut strikes stand out a bit more for the bypassed sound, since it's not going through the pedal's circuitry.

    And yeah, I can't say for sure if they did it that way, but... the low notes sound so much better (even with the whammy straight into the fuzz factory) and the sweep of some of the pitch bends seems a bit closer. 

    Another combination seems to be the second +2 octave triplet part. Seems like it might be the +1 octave dry setting mixed with something else. Have a listen to 1:36 in this video - almost sounds like the harmonizer?



    As for the tuning, worth a try I guess. Might make the pitch bends sound a bit different though, but I guess that's less important than the low strings.



    Got halfway through the middle part, but got sidetracked when I realized the DT is setup differently for the entire song. 🤦‍♂️ So I'm trying to figure that out at the minute. It doesn't really require rewriting anything, but just trying as many combinations of the drop tune/whammy sides as possible to see what works best.

    Awesome! I thought he uses a standard whammy 5 and not a DT tho?

  3. 13 hours ago, james90 said:


    Cubase I guess, but I'd need to set the project up first. I'd need to figure out a few things first though - can't say I use that program too often. I don't have any written out yet, no.


    The only one that sounds correct to me is the switching between bypass and dive-bomb.


    Only thing is that even if I've got the timing of the two settings right, it sounds like too much like a kill switch effect - switching completely on and off. It might involve one of the drop tune settings on the DT I guess.



    Thanks, and that was the Marshall DSL amp distortion. I think that was just with the gain and treble turned up and bass turned down. 

    I can't remember if I mentioned this, but if you're using the whammy 5, have it switch to the classic mode for the lower notes. So you'd essentially be using the chords mode program changes (PC 42, 43, etc) for all of the song except for the low A notes, which would be PC 8 (for -2 octave anyway.) Tends to sound a bit better, and it's only single notes, so the tracking isn't much of an issue.

    Or if you want to be overkill, you can take a MIDI controllable loop switcher, and use a different pedal for certain parts... and that is just for the pitch shifting. As there are three unused loops, I could add three different fuzz/distortion pedals that could be instantly switched out for different parts of the song. Planning to do something else though.

    Photo Sep 20, 5 15 16 AM.jpg

    tysm for even putting the time into it tho! and yeah i have a normal whammy 5 so idk ab DT settings - p awesome that uve made this tho

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  4. 13 hours ago, james90 said:

    Thanks, and yeah, it only seems to be for mac unfortunately.

    Do you have access to any other DAWs? I could try to set it up as a Cubase project, but will need to see if it requires redoing everything from beginning to end. I should also mention that I haven't actually done the middle section of the song. It's just set for -1 octave all the way through.

    Basically what you see in this video, but I've made some small adjustments since then. Mainly fixed the timing of the nut strikes (which were correct initially, but not here 🤦‍♂️) and that same bit towards the beginning that I've never really figured out...Yet.



    Which one would be easiest? I have access to Studio One, Cubase, etc I can get some ones if needed.


    Also do you have tabs?


    Tysm tho and yeah nut strikes in this song is important. I may be wrong but I thought it was -1 octaves for the sequences where its like 000000 and then -2 for higher notes and nut strikes BUT im probably wrong


    Ty tho!

  5. 3 hours ago, james90 said:

    That's the thing though. It's not quite as simple as exporting from one DAW and importing into another. At least with Logic into Cubase. The automation ends up scrambled with a bunch of extra points added automatically.

    Though technically that's correct since they're made up of individual CCs, but the points between 0 and 127 seem to change location.

    As for MOTP, is that for the whammy, or does studio one have a sequencing plugin of some kind? I just finished up a file as well - it was originally intended for the whammy, but I ended up using a different pedal. 



    Interestingly there only appear to be two patterns in the song - but they need to be written (copied and pasted really) carefully, as it doesn't repeat consistently.



    it's a whammy automation file and oof  i can try any other DAW tho (logic is mac right)





  6. yeah like using 2 oct up on the whammy pedal occasionally on this tab sounds ok: https://www.songsterr.com/a/wsa/muse-the-2nd-law-unsustainable-tab-s162575t0


    but relatively shit and this song needs to be played w midi so if anyone has some sort of file im fine w any DAW


    speaking of DAWs I found a perfect map of problematique MIDI file for studio one if anyone wants me to upload (not my file)


    but yeah unsustainable midi for whammy 5 would be awesome if anyone has it!


    edit: obvs tab required too please!Insert other media

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