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  1. oh awesome! fair i have no knowledge of this stuff lmao
  2. THAT AWAS WESOME like seriously fucking great what daw did you use? do you intend on releasing the file for it and tab? cool if not but awesome if u r also nice telecaster my man
  3. I'm assuming matt was playing rhythm? Does anyone have the tab (one in manchester,uk)
  4. Awesome! I thought he uses a standard whammy 5 and not a DT tho?
  5. How far is everyone thru the song in midi files?
  6. you guys are so much smarter than me lmao
  7. tysm for even putting the time into it tho! and yeah i have a normal whammy 5 so idk ab DT settings - p awesome that uve made this tho
  8. Which one would be easiest? I have access to Studio One, Cubase, etc I can get some ones if needed. Also do you have tabs? Tysm tho and yeah nut strikes in this song is important. I may be wrong but I thought it was -1 octaves for the sequences where its like 000000 and then -2 for higher notes and nut strikes BUT im probably wrong Ty tho!
  9. it's a whammy automation file and oof i can try any other DAW tho (logic is mac right) also AWESOME GUITAR
  10. yeah like using 2 oct up on the whammy pedal occasionally on this tab sounds ok: https://www.songsterr.com/a/wsa/muse-the-2nd-law-unsustainable-tab-s162575t0 but relatively shit and this song needs to be played w midi so if anyone has some sort of file im fine w any DAW speaking of DAWs I found a perfect map of problematique MIDI file for studio one if anyone wants me to upload (not my file) but yeah unsustainable midi for whammy 5 would be awesome if anyone has it! edit: obvs tab required too please!Insert other media
  11. Anyone happen to have a whammy v5 file that works/is just a midi file i can convertt into cubase 5 with a tab for this song? Tysm!
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