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  1. Sorry, didn't get the notification.. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll check these out. D&M is so similar to my Strymon Sunset Overdrive. It's also got 2 sides, with 3 mini switches on each side, giving options from boost, to high gain. I'm looking for more of a distortion sound because sometimes it's not enough when I crank the Sunset even with its most high gain features. I'll try to contact and let you know when I talk with Machsonic.
  2. I'll look if there are any used older versions. Yes I was referring to it I thought it was Mind Abuse but apparently it's Machsonic Thrust Drive. There's one in reverb, in the back cover looks like his name is Tarkan Mumkule, I'm also from Istanbul so I'll try to contact him and see if he makes any. Edit: Lol apparently he's actually very popular in Turkey, I see he only made 100 of them but I know someone who is a friend of him. Perhaps I can find one in Istanbul by chance.
  3. Phaser was just example, even though I always leave the phaser on for Muse, it really affects the sound for this song. It has 200 banks, so I modify each different then use MIDI for program changing. Tbh I'm not surprised he uses Big Sky, it's amazing and really easy to use with MIDI. VH4 Pedal looks killer, though the price is kinda high for me.. If I'm going to spend that much, I may go with Rockfabrik Effects Mind Abuse Pedal, Matt used it for Drones, it's also got a 3-band EQ.
  4. Yeah, Strymon has MIDI control and it's a total life saver.. When I'm playing Muse I use 5 different phasers each song, and it saves me a lot of effort. I'll try the square Trem and see how it sounds. If you want to get the best tone, just place a loop pedal (if you've got one) first in the chain, record and twist the knobs, it's the perfect way to get it. I think distortion sounds better too (especially a high gain valve amp like VH4), you hear every note better. Not related, but I'm looking to get a distortion pedal since I don't own one. I have a Metal Muff of my friend's which sounds so.. metal.. Do you have anything to recommend for Muse sounds?
  5. I’ve joined 3-4 groups at Facebook, the ones with the most members. Making the backing track from the 5.1 is pretty genius tbh. The news reporter and robot sounds are important because they heavily contain bass, in my project I roughly isolated it from the original track and it’s not so effective because it doesn't have that bass hit (you’ll understand better when you listen mine). I ended up recreating the orchestra with Logic’s plugins and it’s sounding well, you can take it and see how it sounds with Rome Dvd backing track. I think I used /48 grid for the triplets and the tremolo effect. Whammy's buffer affects the tone when it's at -3, so a tremolo with square wave shape may sound better. My Strymon Mobius has a square tremolo feature, I may try seeing how it sounds. Yeah I kinda did. It may have been recorded with the dirtiest fuzzy sound possible (Oscillating Fuzz + internal gain with audio interface for the clipping) + a post EQ to make it sound more clear, but the key is clipping I guess.. I turned the gain up on my Focusrite one time and it sounded much realistic. The filter effect I'm talking about is for Chris btw, and I don't think he plays live with that effect. It sounds like a Lo-Pass env. filter, the sound that can also be heard at Plug In Baby's record.
  6. Yeah I wasn’t around for months here, but I’ve got the email notifications. I didn’t know there are groups, I’ll check them out. Perhaps he used Axe Fx for those extreme, but at the same time “clean sounding” fuzz sound; or maybe for the bass? there seems to be a filter effect for the bass in the song, I don’t know.. Did you try the file I sent you for the middle part of the song?
  7. Hi @Albie, sorry for the late response. I never had time to make a frame so I just had to continue with the stock one 😕 , even though it cracked now..
  8. I really thought and wanted to give credit but didn't know what to write since I don't know what's your reddit username, sorry.. I'm new to this reddit stuff so didn't know if you had posted or not, I only shared to see if some people liked how it was, and I was so surprised to see how many upvotes it got. I've changed the description though
  9. I had no idea too tbh haha, just check 2-3 pages back in this topic, you’ll see that’s it’s my first time doing an automation too, I hadn’t an idea on how to even change the grids 😂
  10. @james90 I’ll keep it in mind. Behringer UR22 is basically a Focusrite 2i4, but for much cheaper. Since I’m not going to be able to use it well (due to the computer being shitty) it won’t be necessary to get something too good I guess. @nightleld Thanks! I used Logic like I mentioned above. The file isn’t completely finished IMO, so I don’t think I’ll upload it in a near time 😕 However, it’s a pitch shifter, so it plays whatever you want it to, so the tabs depend on your file. Btw it’s a weird tip, but if you really want to play it good, I suggest you at least try to create your “custom” file, because 1)like I said above, since it’s a pitch shifter you’ve got infinite possibilities to play it. 2) and most importantly; I’m %100 sure if I already had found a midi file for this song before, I couldn’t play it this well.
  11. Thanks! Well I’ve used as little data as possible, didn’t used midi datas for the backing track, just made them wav files since my macbook air is not so good for making music (8gb ram). In soundcheck, I always checked the midi file for Whammy, and thank god I did It didn’t do the program changes and automation at first, I restarted the computer and created a new plugin for it a several times, since the problem probably may have been caused with the other audio interface we were using. Unfortunately this week I had to update to latest software, it may be a part of the problem too I guess, I don’t know (the audio interface we were using was Focusrite 2i2). Maybe try creating a new midi external instrument plugin and put the file on that and try again. Also out of topic, which Steinberg interface are you using? I was thinking about getting a simple Focusrite but I heard they have some clipping problems. I was thinking about getting a Steinberg Ur22 since it has also got midi, which I always use, for nearly half price of Focusrite.
  12. Well, yesterday we had a little show and I requested Unsustainable a lot, so we decided to play it! In the backing track we only used the reporter, robot, and the orchestra sounds. Unfortunately the sound engineer decreased the sound of the backing track and my guitar in the middle of the song but it felt SO good to play it live.. Here are some clips! @james90 I had problems with external instrument plugin before, because I didn't select that box when I was creating that midi external midi file in the first place Anyway I changed it before the show. IMG_3355 2 copy.mp4 IMG_3355 copy.mp4
  13. Where I live (Italy), the rock in rio concert was in morning, so it started in like 6-6:30 and ended in 7.30-8.00 and my school was in 8:30, so it was the perfect timing haha, Metal Medley was AMAZING with those proshots of Murph..
  14. You’re welcome! If they’d make an extended version of Simulation Theory film, where they add clips of the songs they didn’t play in O2 (Bliss, Undisclosed Desires, Showbiz, perhaps blockades) it’d be amazing.
  15. Just write “Muse showbiz” and limit the time to “today”
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