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  1. I had no idea too tbh haha, just check 2-3 pages back in this topic, you’ll see that’s it’s my first time doing an automation too, I hadn’t an idea on how to even change the grids 😂
  2. @james90 I’ll keep it in mind. Behringer UR22 is basically a Focusrite 2i4, but for much cheaper. Since I’m not going to be able to use it well (due to the computer being shitty) it won’t be necessary to get something too good I guess. @nightleld Thanks! I used Logic like I mentioned above. The file isn’t completely finished IMO, so I don’t think I’ll upload it in a near time 😕 However, it’s a pitch shifter, so it plays whatever you want it to, so the tabs depend on your file. Btw it’s a weird tip, but if you really want to play it good, I suggest you at least try to create your “custom” file, because 1)like I said above, since it’s a pitch shifter you’ve got infinite possibilities to play it. 2) and most importantly; I’m %100 sure if I already had found a midi file for this song before, I couldn’t play it this well.
  3. Thanks! Well I’ve used as little data as possible, didn’t used midi datas for the backing track, just made them wav files since my macbook air is not so good for making music (8gb ram). In soundcheck, I always checked the midi file for Whammy, and thank god I did It didn’t do the program changes and automation at first, I restarted the computer and created a new plugin for it a several times, since the problem probably may have been caused with the other audio interface we were using. Unfortunately this week I had to update to latest software, it may be a part of the problem too I guess, I don’t know (the audio interface we were using was Focusrite 2i2). Maybe try creating a new midi external instrument plugin and put the file on that and try again. Also out of topic, which Steinberg interface are you using? I was thinking about getting a simple Focusrite but I heard they have some clipping problems. I was thinking about getting a Steinberg Ur22 since it has also got midi, which I always use, for nearly half price of Focusrite.
  4. Well, yesterday we had a little show and I requested Unsustainable a lot, so we decided to play it! In the backing track we only used the reporter, robot, and the orchestra sounds. Unfortunately the sound engineer decreased the sound of the backing track and my guitar in the middle of the song but it felt SO good to play it live.. Here are some clips! @james90 I had problems with external instrument plugin before, because I didn't select that box when I was creating that midi external midi file in the first place Anyway I changed it before the show. IMG_3355 2 copy.mp4 IMG_3355 copy.mp4
  5. Where I live (Italy), the rock in rio concert was in morning, so it started in like 6-6:30 and ended in 7.30-8.00 and my school was in 8:30, so it was the perfect timing haha, Metal Medley was AMAZING with those proshots of Murph..
  6. You’re welcome! If they’d make an extended version of Simulation Theory film, where they add clips of the songs they didn’t play in O2 (Bliss, Undisclosed Desires, Showbiz, perhaps blockades) it’d be amazing.
  7. Just write “Muse showbiz” and limit the time to “today”
  8. Yep, it was awesome judging by the youtube videos. It's so strange that they played Showbiz and not Blockades this tour.. If I only went to the first night's concert and find out that they played Showbiz the day after, I would've killed myself
  9. Matt plays the intro riff while Tom plays, I think he has a slide ring there, and before he goes to improvise with delay, he drops it. edit: This guy played the solo pretty good, infact it’s the only good (or even the only cover of it that actually sounds close)
  10. Oh thank god, I thought I had something wrong there. I really like the stab feature, the oscillating sounds it makes when you do vibratos.. In live versions, stab definitely isn't full since he has that dark sound , which I think comes from the stab not being full since it also kinda darkens that high end and also sounds.. compressed? (obviously he uses A LOT of effects but this may be a part of it) I compared your expression automations with mine, and looks like the only part that's different is, that dive bomb automation after the +2 octave part (which I was doing it manually), so it made me pretty happy! One thing I had wrong this whole time, that tremolo-ish sound at 1:38, I had it on +2 octave, playing with harmonic of low A's 12th fret. Changed it now to bypass mode though, like it has to be. The low notes' tone is on point, it's just too too good.. For that "external instrument plugin", I have to connect it to the audio interface right? Since I don't own one, I use the bass player's one when she brings it to studio. By the way one technical question (I'm really don't understand these advanced DAW things); My guitar was connected to my pedalboard, that goes to my amp. However, when I connected the usb-midi cable from my whammy to my Macbook, there was a little sound of my guitar coming from the monitors that we connected the interface to?? Do you have an idea where that may be coming from? Thank you for everything by the way, playing this song is pure joy and fun, and I don't think I could have done this without your help
  11. Hey everyone, I've got a Amptone Lab Midi Pad on my guitar, however a part of the frame of it got cracked a bit. I talked with them and they said it will cost 20€ including shipping to me which is pretty high since it's just cheap plastic. So I decided to create a custom one, and I'm thinking about getting inspired from the manson one since they are kinda wider in the right and left, and narrower in up and down. I couldn't find any info about the manson one in the internet, if someone has it, can you please tell me the specs of it? This is the Amptone Lab one: Here's the Manson one:
  12. @james90 I tried the settings, yeah they sound close but one thing, if I don’t want to have any hum noise from Fuzz Factory, obviously I should turn up the comp, however if I do, the noise stops at somewhere near 3 o’clock, is it normal? (since you had suggested a much lower comp setting). A weird fact, I have settings of FF written for some songs, and I always used my SMBH settings for this song since it has the fuzz, the gate etc. kinda matching with unsustainable haha (but it’s the tone for the studio version so there isn’t any oscillation). About the string tree strike, you are right, especially the sound of the fuzz itself really changes when you play with whammy bypassed vs active on heel position. What do you think about that part of my project? Do you think it’s correct? I’m asking because maybe it might be a problem caused by my setup/guitar tones. That 1:36 Triplet, it MIGHT still be the same automation, but perhaps it sounds like this because of matt’s playing? One thing I’ve experienced playing this song, tone really is in the fingers if you know what I mean. You play 12th fret on low A and you get a sound, then you do a pinch harmonic at the very same fret and boom, there is a much different sound. For example, when I was using low A 12th fret with -2 octaves, those +2 triplets were sounding MUCH different than when I started using Low E 5th fret with -1 octaves. So since Matt neversplays the same.. However, I think there are +1 oct parts too in the song (or -1 with drop tune + +2 with whammy), because in these videos he sometimes plays the highest notes in the fingerboard (17th etc.) and they sure don’t sound like +2 when he plays there. Thanks, I’ll definitely check that automation and compare with mine. Something weird happened earlier today, after months of trying to convince my band to play unsustainable, we had a big problem. I connected my whammy to my laptop with a Usb midi cable, then connected the audio interface and tried to play it with the backing track and automations. Now comes the big problem, the midi file had a lag, (like it was in a different tempo?!), I mean the program changes were so late.. The strange thing is when I checked the project, there wasn’t anything strange, everything were where they should’ve been..
  13. Thanks! There couldn't be any better explanation for the settings since fuzz factory is a pedal that's sensitive af and doesn't give the exact sound every time due to the +/- %20 pot tolerance, I'll try that and let you know. For the string tree part in my file, normally it was CC 127 throughout that part, but I had tried some different sounds that day before I sent you the file, so it may not be all the way 127, HOWEVER there shouldn't be any difference in sound because those parts where the CC is 0, are bypassed, so whether it's 0 or 127 or something in between, the pedal's technically off there. In this photo if you look closely you can see the blue lines which represents expression control. (cc 9 being Dive Bomb active, cc 30 being passive) I really don't know what to say for those whammy DT combinations, it's so genius.. and for the tuning part, I meant if he may use something like EADGAE. This way when you hit open strings it may sound correct to pitch. I'm pretty sure he doesn't use a tuning like that, but in theory it may sound cool, just saying.. 🤷‍♂️
  14. Since Blues Junior amps are designed full vintage style, they don't have Fx loops, and I always use delay and modulation so I get my overdrive tones from my pedals, so I always have to set the amp clean. Volume (a.k.a. gain) is set between 3-4/12, and master (output volume) is no more than 2. I tried those settings but it gave me a lot of hum sound and hum noise affects playing of this song a lot. I tried to get a bit of oscillation, then turned comp to the point where the hum stopped, but this way I had to set comp to 3 o'clock, and I can't get any sustain this way 😕 However, I tried to put a buffered pedal between whammy and fuzz factory and it really changed the game for me. When whammy was on and in heel position, it gave a much cleaner sound without the buffered pedal, that may be one of the reasons the *dive bomb going on and off* sound when I hit the string tree sucks. Lol I had my backing track based on that site too, only I made some modifications to it. For example, I removed the excess notes from the bass and added a thicc fuzz, then pitched it down by one octave. I still don't get what you mean by those triplets being in -2 octaves at 1:34 of the video :// If you could be a little more specific, I can help with that. Is it certain that he uses a standard tuning for this song? Since this song usually uses an A note, if you tune down the B string a full note, it may sound good and correct when you play open notes!
  15. @james90 It's actually the opposite, I play it in Master (Volume) 2 out of 12, and still it gives a loud sound since the room I'm playing in is sooo small (heck, you can hear the sound of a mosquito like it's in your head which is so trippy). I just borrowed a distortion pedal (Ehx Metal Muff Top Boost) from a friend of mine to try some combinations. I will try putting the distortion before and after the whammy, however looks like the best choice for me to do is use Fuzz Factory because my other pedals' cables are pinned under the pedalboard so it will be so hard for me to remove them, sooo I'm open to suggestions for Fuzz Factory Settings and thanks! The sound quality of the video isn't so good because like I said, the room is small af, so the mic of my phone captures also the acoustic sound of the guitar when I record, which can especially be heard when I hit the string tree. (I don't have an audio interface) Live version is easier and much more simpler. You don't have to play the exact notes this way, you can just improvise (as long as you stay in the chord of course), that's probably why Matt plays it like this. I am using a backing track, all the instruments in the back (bass, drums, orchestra ) are midi except for the intro, and the sound of the robot and the reporter are slightly isolated. I will send you the whole project instead of just the middle part, so I'd appreciate if you tell me your opinion about it!
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