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  1. Hey everyone, couldn't find any source for vocoder settings in forum. Does anyone have any suggestions to get a close sound for the vocoder sounds that Chris sings live? I've been trying to get a similar sound of Chris' SMBH live "glaciers melting in the" part, but I haven't even got close to it 😕
  2. I think I got the killswitch-ish dive bomb parts correct in my new version (or maybe a litttle lag but I kinda like it so didn't change it) so no need for the screenshot for now , thanks though! I'm using logic. I tried the automation you sent for the final dive bomb, but it sounded kinda weird to me (used /24 grid). Here I'm putting both screenshots and audio files to compare. This is the one you sent, and the red part is where I put the dive bomb in. B2.WAV This is the one I use (again red part is the dive bomb). A1.WAV I'm not really trying to get the EXACT tune to be honest. I'm playing kinda roughly like Matt does in live performances, I just play whatever I feel at that moment, sometimes I hit the string tree, sometimes do a harmonic, sometimes open notes, basically just improvise. With the correct program changes, they all sound cool if you know what I mean.
  3. It's a 62' Reissue, and I added a custom aged pickguard for that vintage look 🙂 For that 63.5-64 part, I had used a tuner after the whammy so I achieve the exact tune, however I kinda solved it so that's not a problem anymore. The reason is, I had tried doing 0 to 127 at that part and something was wrong, it was sounding so -I don't know, too.. complicated?-, so I tried doing 64-127 so that the time between the pitch change was going to be faster, but also that didn't do any good. So I changed the grid with triplets and added a dive bomb effect for that killswitch sound, and that was it! Sounds pretty good for now, I'll just focus on the middle part where matt also sings, and when I finish it, I'll just look back into the other parts again for a perfect automation. Thanks for the screenshot if you find it, but no problem if you can't too! Sorry I looked it up for the dive bomb effect in the end, but looks like I didn't take a video of that part and I don't remember very well. However, I've found this video on youtube that show us a close af look on his guitar. looks like he plays 5th fret on low E instead of 12th on A like yours, however I thought he was playing unsustainable with drop A, perhaps he changed it to standard. I'm pretty sure he's not only going from 0 to 127 with a dive bomb in the end. There is a little bend-ish sound, before he does the dive bomb. I think it goes from -1oct to normal pitch , to dive bomb. By the way, what effect do you use for the string tree-picking parts? I tried -1 harmony in chords mode, sounds better now but still I'm missing something, just can't get that tone. IMG_1782.TRIM.MOV
  4. Hehe thanks, it's a 62' Fender baby! Well, in the last video I posted, there was an +2 oct part, that I had used between 127 and 64 (I guess) to get a sound of +2 in toe and +1 in heel. However, it was totally wrong 😂 I focused on those +2 oct parts today and they sound much better now, hopefully will get a guitar with mbk-3's, it will sound better since they're going to have a lot more sustain. Which part do you mean by a dive-bomb sort of effect at the end that stopped on -2 octaves ? I use 12th fret on A string with -2 octaves, because it really doesn't change anything with these *treble 100 and bass 0* pickups 🤣. I will try it with the new guitar when it arrives though. The videos are soo goood, It sounds %99.9 like the original track! ps: jesus how many red mansons do you own lol Here's a video of the new version, playing is not the best though. uns.mp4
  5. IMG_1563_TRIM.MOV I'm having automation problems with the first part. Pretty sure the program changes are correct though. Actually I tried to create a file yesterday, here's a video of it. I don't think it's too bad, just need to improve the automations to be precise (Also a big sustain/distortion problem too lol). IMG_1563_TRIM.MOV
  6. I meant the 1:32 to 1:34, 1:37 to 1:40, and 1:43 to 1:45 parts in the original recording. Btw now that you said, I just realized that there are 2 guitar tracks, when I saw them live last month in the front, I was looking at Matt's fingerboard and whether or not he played the +2 oct parts or the string tree part ( 1:40 in the original track), he just sounded the same. The 2nd guitar track was probably playing in the background.
  7. Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum, I've been following the forum for a couple of months though. I'm working on a new unsustainable midi file for my Whammy 5 from scratch. However, that "wiu wiu wiu wiu" oscillating thingy sound made with +2 octaves seems pretty hard to nail. Does anyone have a midi file for it? I've read the whole topic but unfortunately every link is expired 😕
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