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    hey, my names liv. i've been a hardcore muser since 2012 and don't plan on leaving the fandom anytime soon.
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    drawing, editing, writing fanfic (i'm eurasianknight on ao3). i also play smash bros competitively.
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    a student
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    muse, avenged sevenfold, babymetal, slipknot, rings of saturn, metallica, gojira, cattle decapitation, lamb of god, a day to remember, code orange.
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    donnie darko and spirited away are my favorite movies which is quite strange
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    their entire discog on both cd and vinyl (plus the super deluxe of t2l and st), haarp cd and boxset, rome dvd, abso dvd, hullabaloo dvd. and some other stuff i'm too lazy to put down lol
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    boston in 2019, hopefully more gigs in the future
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  1. considering they released the panic station music video bts, it's not surprising they are only releasing the pro-shot of the encore with the costumes and stuff. maybe they'll release the deep cuts later on, but they obviously want to keep the panic station theme. at least we are getting can't take my eyes off you
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