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  1. Was definitely pitched down for me at Basildon IMAX - really really noticeable on SMBH - hoping will not be the case on the digital release! Apart from that thought it was really good!
  2. Looks like you can now book in the UK at a limited number of Cineworld cinemas for 17th August
  3. Cannot believe this was a whole year ago - was a brilliant evening - looking forward to when gigs come back, especially Muse ones! Although where they would get a big enough mask to fit Murph 😉
  4. That'll teach me to get my expectations up!
  5. Definitely hope so - am keeping it clear just in case! 🤞 Hopefully they will announce who it is soon....
  6. Just had an update from Amazon UK - now they say it has been dispatched and will arrive Monday - 🤞
  7. Just had an email from Amazon UK shifting their delivery back to 19-21 December! They apologise for the delay and say am free to cancel - but now sold out on the MUSE store so am screwed - just hoping it comes in time for Xmas!
  8. In terms of flow - Would have BH&R as a first ( transition From TAB to Starlight to SMBH is So tight) OOS second ( love the flow from CE to Micro Cuts - then Drones due to the overall vibe and story
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