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  1. I had to do that on Wednesday. Left as soon as Chris picked up his harmonica. Thankfully heard the whole song as I jogged to station! Made me realise I could have sat on the street and heard full concert for free 😂
  2. Weather now says rain stopping from 4pm so all should be well!
  3. Anyone had any experience anywhere of changing tickets on the day to somewhere else in the stadium? I don’t like my seats...
  4. Did we ever hear any more about the "safe walking route" between Picc. station and the stadium in that travel survey email we got? Happy to walk it (if it's not peeing it down), but with all due respect, it's not the most salubrious part of Manchester en route, so feeling apprehensive. For those that know Manchester, is Travis Street, Every Street, and Ashton New Road the best bet from the station? My justification is that the trams will be rammed, I reckon. Obviously if it's piddling down, we'll get the tram.
  5. Stranger Things made an appearance at one point. I think it was simply a collection of synth-based soundtracks. Agree with the first point. Really smooth, and nowhere seemed crowded. Concourses nice and spacious. I had to leave half-way through Knights to run for a 23:20 train from Temple Meads. I didn't trust the buses to get me there in time! As to mid-week - do you think this may have had a factor in the type of crowd and energy of crowd? Already done 3 days of work, and maybe not quite in gig mode on a Wednesday?
  6. This is going to sound odd, but I think the fact pitch standing was so spacious at the back caused it too. I went to standing from unreserved seating a few songs in, and at one point there was nobody within 10ft of me. I was bopping along but felt self conscious!
  7. I was in seats close to the GC on Chris’ side last night, and people were being let in until 10 mins before Muse. Despite being a GC though, if you’re at the back the view would be lousy. Look how empty the back half of the GC is when Muse started.
  8. It’s a new “Metal Medley” that they first trialled at the Albert Hall in December. Chance to showcase some heavier songs in a synthy set.
  9. That gig definitely got better as time went on. Half way through I was feeling pretty down about it. Felt very underwhelming with a very flat crowd. Its no coincidence that it perked up once dark. Dig Down, UD, Madness in a row was a bit meh too.
  10. This is me too! Leaving a 5 week old with grandma in the hotel! Muse will start around 8.30. We are getting there around 7.30 I think.
  11. So - bought a last minute Twickets General Admission for £60, and have negotiated the expensive hotels by getting one in Bath, a city I've not visited before, so that'll be nice too. Last train from Temple Meads is around 23:35 I believe, so ample time to walk back after the gig. There's conflicting information about General Admission. I'm really not fussed if I end up in unreserved seating, but is there any? I've seen somewhere that General Admission is pitch standing only at Bristol, but London and Manchester both have unreserved seating sections. Anyone confirm either way?
  12. I’m in Oxford all week, and am already going to Manchester on Saturday, but seriously tempted by the several tickets on sale still on Twickets etc. Won’t be driving, so the issue will be getting back to Oxford after the gig. Obviously the hotels in Bristol are either full or extortionate, but I guess I could get a late train to somewhere like Bath and spend the night there. Anyone who knows that part of the country have any other ideas? The only option that can get me back is an overnight bus to Heathrow and then double back to Oxford, but that sounds horrendous and I’d rather not have a sleepless night.
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