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  1. Not to mention that in the actual 25-songs-show we are counting as full songs things like Interlude, Prelude, Pray redux version and twice Algorithms. They totally skip Showbiz and they almost totally skip Origin and Resistance apart from the 'automatic-mode-song' Plug In Baby and Uprising. Even in ST they skip The Void (that should be a perfect fit for a Piano- intimal- Bstage thingy) and put songs like Mercy thta has zero appeal for casual crowd and zero interest for hardcore fans. Dont get why Matts love it so much. At least we get TAB... I was not there yet, but looks not enough for an almost 100€ ticket. Seems that I got more (at least mussically) in 2013.
  2. I didnt see them yet, but still i can't agree. During the Unsustainable Tour they were playing 27-28 REAL songs per show, including mood changers, 2 Encores and one B Stage part, piano, and oddities from Showbiz, Monty Jams, Unintendeds and Blockouts. https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/muse/2013/estadi-olimpic-lluis-companys-barcelona-spain-13d9ed55.html They were doing that then, and now that they have 2 more LPs and tickets are twice expensive feels like going backwards... To be honest, even if I enjoy each show, the Unsustainable Stadium Tour was the last time i feel they were doing 100% performance, a balanced and well-thought show (even if T2L is my less liked Muse Album) and long enough to be satisfying. All those encores, changes, BStages and piano part helped to feel the show totally satiating and diverse.
  3. Matthew heard you guys. Yesterday they dropped Undisclosed Desires andthey replaced it by......nothing. They must increase a bit more the number of song, it is still ridiculous for a 8-LP band.
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