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  1. Close to biting the bullet on a Dl-1 Should I go for it? What pickup combos do people recommend? Tempted to try PF-1 with the hot Seymour Duncan p-90
  2. Anyone selling or know where I can still get a black cort MBC-1? Thanks
  3. Anyone selling a Matt Bellamy signature Manson or Cort MBC-1? Not in need of anything with a kaoss pad or santa clause paint
  4. Thanks James appreciate it. Theres so much choice its hard to pick. Maybe go with a floyd rose black p-90 case. Or different colour combo altogether . Or copper bomber or something like rust relic ...
  5. Hi Guys Can anyone do me a huge favour and photoshop a MA bomber in that new blue colour Mansons have started doing? Tempted by a new custom with rio grande pickups like the original bomber
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