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  1. Yeah, it isn’t clear, but there is an official graphic on Muse Twitter feed which states special guest Tom Morello and Pale Waves supporting. Bit of a low-key way to disseminate information, as it would be clearer to have on the tour page by the date, they haven’t done that though.
  2. I *love* Undisclosed Desires! Hope they play it... and a bunch of Simulation Theory (obvs). Actually if they could play every song, from all their albums. I'd be fine with that.
  3. Thanks for the information! I don't know Pale Waves but I look forward to hearing them play, and I cannot wait to see Muse again!
  4. So, less than a week to go until London Stadium - but I cannot find anything about who is supporting, and what the timings are. Does anyone have any info? Many thanks! I was meant to be going as a big group but one of my gang has been struck down with an illness and been in hospital, so she and her partner cannot come 😞 Sad to see tickets still available for the gig. I haven't been back to this stadium since the Olympics, will be interested to gauge how it works for a music gig...
  5. So, less than a week to go until London Stadium - and although we know Tom Morello is special guest, am I right that the support act hasn't been announced? Also - does anybody have any information on stage times for support / Muse? Many thanks!
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