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  1. First Muse gig since O2 Arena 2012. First gig since December 2012 too. 😰 Did anyone have their tickets checked regarding turnstiles? I queued at the correct turnstile on my ticket and it wasn't checked. I could have queued at any of the turnstiles for standing. When I was trying to find the correct turnstile I could have slipped into a queue and got in sooner. Seems that was poor planning and perfect for chancers. Getting back to the station was a pain. I was running. I wonder if they could have had a route for Stratford International and a route for Stratford. Stewards helped me so thanks to them. Excellent gig though. I thought the sound inside was excellent for a stadium. One group of people were a bit leary trying to mosh to a point they were annoying people. One woman had proper go at them and a fight nearly broke out at one point. Distracts you from the songs that. I was happy with the set list. The melodies are fun and you get to hear riffs you may never hear, but I would rather they play songs in full and rotate the list for gigs. I really thought they were gonna play Futurism when Dom and Chris started. 😪 Would have loved Citizens but I've heard it twice. I got to hear some Drones tunes (I missed that tour) and loved hearing their new songs. Dig Down is beautiful the way they played it and the Stadium response with their phones was brilliant. One guy went old school with a lighter so shout out to him. I love Pwopaganda and it's awesome played live! Dancers are cool, adds to the theme. Murph is beautiful. The CGI on the screen was amazing. Tom Morello was brilliant, pretty cool you get to see him and Muse in one day. His choir were fun too. 😂 One thing that really bugs me, PHONES! I never understand why people must film everything. Do people keep every piece of recorded footage? When you want to watch the band it's highly irritating to have someone's phone disrupting your view. Can understand people taking the odd photo here and there. I tend not to bother with that anymore as bands take there own professional shots. Anyone agree there?
  2. Are there different tickets for standing? I have only seen GA Pitch & Lower Tier. What one will I get? If I get this ticket, is it a choice of the tier or standing when you turn up. I want to get as close as I can. Thanks.
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