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  1. @IngeKersten, thanks for that list, I was having trouble finding a hotel too. A lot of those listed are actually already booked for the 27th (looks like a lot of Muse fans are booking hotels), but a few still have some rooms. I'm actually still doubting about getting a hotel. I'd much rather go home and sleep in my own bed, but I'd have to leave before 22:30 to make it by public transport. On the other hand, the early time on the ticket might mean they'll start and finish the gig early enough for people to get back home. I'm also wondering if the NS might end up scheduling an extra train. The problem of course is that I won't know the answer to either of those questions until shortly before the concert, and by then even the last hotels are bound to have filled up. Have to say this is one of those rare occasions where I really, really regret not having a driving license. Out of curiosity, would anyone from the Den Haag - Delft region be up for renting a bus with a group of Muse fans to drive us to Nijmegen and back?
  2. On a tip from someone on twitter, I emailed museearlyaccess@wmgcustomerservice.com about my missing code, and they just emailed me a new one.
  3. Someone named Franzzz higher up in this thread, said the code is different. But I will try if I don't get a new code before 10.
  4. I haven't received my code either. It's kinda annoying, 'cause I'm also seeing a number of people complaining about this on twitter, but no-one seems to know who to contact or how to get this fixed in time.
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