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  1. Bristol Live had a review of the gig and some nice pictures: Bristol Live The Weston Mercury reviewed it as well: W-s-M
  2. Dig Down fell flat with the crowd and Madness is meh. I do like UD, though. Now I can understand wanting to get your breath back mid-gig , but it does squash the atmosphere (as does having the first hour before dark). I was on the pitch around level with the half way line and had air and personal space, and most of the people around me were bouncing around, some with quite young children. The sound was good for an open-air gig and the mix on some of the difficult songs like TAB was better than at most arena gigs (this was #37 for me). I also enjoyed the Close Encounters riff and lights an unreasonable amount. The organisation was some of the best I've seen at a big gig. Security seemed on the ball without being mental and the bag check people actually checked the bags (although it did take a while to get through). There were loads of buses at the end with stewards directing people to the right one - I saw buses to Ashton Gate that just had 'Muse' as their destination. We even made it to Parson Street station in time for the first train back. But mid-week gigs make work pretty hard the next day.
  3. My tickets say 'pitch standing and unreserved level 1 seating', so I'm assuming...
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