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  1. Well, got some sound clips for everyone. Yes, it is quite gated. I didn't actually play Defector but it matches up well otherwise. Pro + Tube switch on, medium-high drive, medium-high tone, blend Pro switches on, medium drive, medium tone, blend Pro + Tube switches off, high drive, high tone, blend (This is stock standard Humster for reference) https://soundcloud.com/adamcrowell1990/defector-3 Signal chain: Bass > Defector > UAD Apollo Twin 2 Duo > Pro Tools 12 > Waves CLA76 Compressor > Ampeg B15N Amp Sim (additional on recordings two and three) Track one is DI. Legitimately blew my mind.
  2. Getting to work on the Humster clone, but shh! Still designing it.
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