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  1. I kinda figured it was maybe a fluke... got heckled a little bit, but just finished my drink, kept singing, dancing and enjoying. I mean come on its an amazing show in a party town! I wasn't goona let the buzz kills around me bring me down...or sit me down😂🤣😂
  2. Quick general Muse Fan question... Las Vegas Mandalay Bay 3/2 was my first MUSE show and I was super excited. And they did not disappoint, show was amazing from production to song choices to sound it was just awesome. I have been to other rock concerts from Tool, Metallica and 9inch nails to more mainstream stuff like green day, offspring and no doubt. Never ever in my life have I SAT at a show start to finish I'm on my feet and so are the people around me. At MUSE tho eveyone around me sat for most of the show...it struck me as odd but is this a thing I should know for my next go around????
  3. It would be sooooooo awesome for them to do a 2nd leg. I saw them in Las Vegas although LA is a lot closer to me just based on the vegas show being a weekend and the LA show being on Monday. I super enjoyed the show and the music only disappointment is the crowd around me was low energy...odd for vegas but it was. They all sat for the majority of the show:/ I have been to about 50rock concerts both in LA and LV and this was my first "everone is sitting" experience .
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