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  1. *screams into pillow* Thats fine im goody goody with that 😎😎😎😎
  2. "Time to crack on with a new album" Is the implication that they're ABOUT to hit the studio? Or just a sly nod to them already working on it? If it's the former, I reckon we should be anticipating a new album early NEXT year. Which is fine, I'm just going to need to take a long walk and think about things.
  3. What's John Leckie up to these days? 😏JK I'm fully on board with Costey; he seems to have really good chemistry with the band, possibly the best.
  4. They've announced yet another festival date in June of next year which seems to all but confirm that a festival circuit might be coming next summer. I daren't get my hopes up, but I'm slightly more optimistic that a full tour could then be coming in the spring or fall of next year, if previous fest circuit patterns are any indication.
  5. If it's nothing more than getting them nostalgic, I'll be a happy camper. The reason Drones didn't work as a back to basics album, for me anyways, was that it had the heavy instrumentation but lacked the soul of the earlier albums. I would be interested to hear a modern sounding, poppy album that was creatively linked to their earlier work, if such a thing is even possible. Or I might be way off base. 😘
  6. svenisms

    Origin XX

    Mildly surprised Matt's gasps were left in! I don't have an issue with them personally but they seem like something that would be on Matt's chopping block! Gotta say I'm loving this version of Mega! I'm a little ashamed to admit it but this is one track that I've always considered objectively great but didn't pay much mind to but the strings are a small addition but add a lot imo.
  7. I already kinda assumed/hoped this but hearing someone else echo it really puts some coal in my hype train! Every album cycle holds some deep meaning for me and being that this will be my first album as a dad, it will almost inevitably rank highly for me. (Will also be my first tour since 2015 that I wasn't taking classes so we can actually travel if we have to. 😎)
  8. I feel like I have to experience GA at some point. I think it depends on who I go with and what kind of concert experience they prefer.
  9. svenisms

    Origin XX

    While I am similarly reluctant about these new mixes but I must admit that I've been playing the new CE pretty much daily thanks mostly to the fact that I have really cheap ear buds for running and the cleaner, cranked up mix of CE hits just right atm.
  10. With a couple festival dates announced for next summer, it gives me just a little sliver of something to read way too much into. Often, but not always, the festival circuit is sandwiched between or is the precursor to a new tour which presupposes a new album as well. Now this could just be the band dipping their toes into playing live again but ya boi's an optimist and a dreamer...
  11. svenisms

    Origin XX

    Simultaneously hoping there's a physical/vinyl release and conflicted because I just ordered the ST Tour box set. As always, Muse stays taking my money!
  12. As we eagerly await LP9 news, perhaps some of you would enjoy indulging me with some Muse chatter. For instance, I ma already hard at work planning my next Muse show and plan to make it worth the wait. My plan is to, at the very least, get GA or high dollar seats but it's very likely that I'm going to dish out the extra $$ to get EE tickets. As awesome as it would be to be on the rail, or close to it, I think it might be asking a lot of my wife to stand in an arena for hours before the band actually takes the stage. With seats, our spot would be reserved, at least. Does anyone have experience or, dare I ask, pictures from the first 15 rows? If so, how would you rate it?
  13. Between this and the band announcing a live date next year, this is the most normal I've felt in over a year.
  14. Matt, if youre reading this, I'm not usually one to give artists pointers on their art but I have a few ideas for the new record: 1. Let us listen to it 2.
  15. Imagine Matt hints at the next album being a return to their roots only for it to be an otherwise totally modern Muse record but Matt is breathing into the mic again. Would be a real power move tbh
  16. Really hoping to snag a copy of this and the Jaded Hearts album that's dropping in June. Haven't had very good luck with RSD in the past.
  17. It seems like Matt has a tradition of posting a back-in-the-studio selfie to kick things off, which we may or may not have gotten with him fiddling on the piano. I'm holding out hope for an early 2022 release, to strike the perfect balance between optimistic and realistic.
  18. One can only speculate and let me assure you, my imagination is running absolutely wild and unrestrained...
  19. I awaken from my almost 3 year hibernation (hope I didn't miss anything important) after hearing the only two words that can give me life: "New Muse". I missed these boards and look forward to seeing them come alive again, hopefully sooner rather than later. I know this interview is close to a year old but Matt mentioned a desired timeline of a new album at the end of 2021 and touring in 2022. I feel like this might be a bit optimistic, considering how chaotic last year was but, by golly, a guy can dream, can't he? https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/muse-matt-bellamy-interview-coronavirus-quarantine-999208/
  20. Whoa! Totally missed that Matt was planning on actually using Buckley's Tele on the next album! (I have an aching feeling that the Pitchfork's of the world aren't going to take too kindly to this but ya boy is a-ok with it!) While I'm absolutely gutted by the idea of having to wait until 2022 for a new album but for whatever reason, this is really exciting to me. I would be very cool with the boys looking to Buckley for influence again!
  21. Also isn't actually my fav album so it wouldn't break my heart to not get a full album setlist and would be more than happy with a more standard set list with a few Abso rarities sprinkled in. (TBH, I'd prefer this in general as I'm actually not a huge fan of only getting one era at a gig.) But if that's the direction they're taking for the next album, count me as cautiously optimistic as it seems like a very fresh approach, at least as long as I've been a fan. I can't quite put my finger on WHAT I want from the next album but I like the idea of them taking a step back to try to tap into an older mindset while moving forward.
  22. You may be right, but may I suggest a compromise in the form of an Absolution setlist that's shuffled up a bit? 😁 Speaking as someone who would really like to see TSP, Endlessly, and FAWY live... As far as "going back to square one", I would be interested in knowing what Matt means may this. As with anything Matt, what he says and what he means aren't always the same things. I personally hope it's more in terms with songwriting and composition of the album moreso than more distorted guitar. Drones was a stripped back album but I would argue that it's fairly disparate in style from the earlier albums.
  23. I agree. While Drones is my least favorite of later-era Muse, Simulation Theory feels almost like a spiritual sequel to BH&R. I think if it had one or two additional stronger songs and maybe excluded a Dig Down or a GUAF it would have been a much stronger entry. It's a hard line to walk and I don't fault them for it.
  24. I definitely like this. As much as I'm in the "more guitar" camp, I think they have a knack for pop as well. I think there are some interesting and new "dance rock" directions they could take this, whether it be lo-fi/shoegaze (a la Tame Impala) or a more hiphop influenced production style (a la Run The Jewels). IMO it would be cool to see them get an out of left field producer like Josh Homme or El-P. Another idea I heard was to turn some of their D+B jams into songs, which could be cool. I would just prefer they be fleshed out a little more than Psycho was.
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