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  1. I’m going to cross my fingers that Matt’s definition of “for a while” means “this year”. Because if there’s no UK Origin your, then the odds of a US tour go from slim to none.
  2. Living in North Carolina, I'm in a similar boat. If I'm not mistaken, T2L was the last time we got a proper 2nd US leg. After the Drones tour, we got the amphitheater tour in 2017 which was great but not quite the same thing. They toured for SL for a good while so I understand they probably need a break but it kills me to think that I might have to wait a few years to see them again.
  3. Man, I’m right there with you! I’d give a kidney for them to hit NA again this year or next but it seems like all signs are pointing to the tour wrapping up this fall. I would love to be proven wrong though!
  4. Commenter under latest Insta post asked if they were planning to come to Argentina and Muse replied with "News next week". Sounds like good news for our friends in South America. I imagine it'll just be a handful of dates, as has been the trend for this tour. But, were I a fool who too often got his hopes up, I might ponder whether a few more US dates might be in our future. Probably not, but as always, a man can dream...
  5. Yeah, it makes me sad to think they may be entering the early stages of becoming a dad rock band. I really want to believe that they have at least one more real hit left in them. This isn’t to say that it’s all about making hits and getting YouTube views, but I believe there’s way to be business smart and find a way for them to really study what works in today’s music climate and apply it to themselves in some way. I think Propaganda is a shining example of this; I was as terrified as anyone else when I heard Timbaland was producing but imo it worked wonders. P.S. Anyone seen this? Dom mentions coming up with ideas for the next album (in the studio?) as early as next year. Is this a normal pace for them? I mean, I guess it is. Two years after Drones we got Dig Down. [Edited for spelling]
  6. Fair point. I’ve actually yet to get actual decent tix to a Muse show so I haven’t ever really had to worry about queuing. Plus I think I’m just getting old and like being outside in a lawn chair. With that said, I imagine there ought to be some incentive for the band to do these tours. With the stripped back production of these shows, they’re likely saving money. But I’m the least business savvy fella on these here boards so who knows.
  7. Sort of off topic but how well was the amphitheater tour received overall by fans? I’m a big fan of outside venues and think it would be pretty cool if they did amphitheater tours during their “off seasons” especially in places that got skipped over during their more major tours.
  8. The most relatable thing I’ve ever read on these boards!
  9. Welp, that’s 2 major tours that have skipped over NC so looks like it’s time to move. Sucks because my wife just started a new job but hey, her fault for marrying a man child fanboy. 🤷‍♂️
  10. I will forever be angry that we aren’t getting a song called “Square Root of Evil” from Muse.
  11. I’m actually surprised GUaF and SH aren’t regulars on the setlist. They seem to have been written to be crowd pleasers, so you’d think they would be more heavily rotated than Dig Down or Algorithm. Tbf I imagine the vocals in GUaF would take a toll on Matt. Not that I’m complaining but I would personally sacrifice one of the 2 Algorithms and Dig Down for a Void, Blockades, or even SH which I have a huge soft spot for.
  12. Ugh, those wounds are still healing. I actually got tickets to the DC show but then my entire group had to drop out and I just couldn’t justify making that entire trip on my own. I should just move before next tour. 😛
  13. - I’m not so good with musical terminology but the Halloween sounding woo-woo’s in intro of Thought Contagion have always made me giddy. - Simularly, when the synth kicks in in Something Human, it’s just a really touching moment that makes an otherwise simple pop song into one of their most heartfelt tracks. - I know it’s absolute heresy to defend GUaF but I really like Matt’s vocals. The content of the song may seem valid but, in my opinion, he really sells it. - When the horns kick in during the second chorus of Panic Station. - “I wish you’d hooold your stage, with no feeling at all” “I’m sure you used to be so free” - The last “clink” when Matt is going crazy on the piano during Darkshines.
  14. Dare I say, maybe we could get a Raleigh show? That’d be good news for you and myself (from Wilmington 🤗). But I dream; it seems like Muse gigs in Raleigh are a thing of the past. But you have a point, hopefully we hear something in April! Yeah, it’s kind of frustrating. I’m not behind the scenes, so I have no way of knowing if there’s any basis for the higher prices. But if a second leg were to be announced, this was going to be my first time shooting for closer seats or maybe even GA and I sure would like to not have to pay such a pretty penny.
  15. Not enough people appreciate the wonders of sitting down after a long day or just being a lazy garbage boi such as myself. Not that I necessarily encourage sitting at a Muse show but I am at all times very sleepy. 😴
  16. A fellow North Carolinian? I was at that show! I had lawn tix tho so the storm was to my benefit because it ran the 30STM fans off and allowed me to get a little closer. I’m actually a big fan of outside shows but, as you said, the humidity is terrible and I understand being frustrated, especially since you had good tickets. I’m a little nervous since they’ve been to NC two years in a row already and the lower sales key dissuade them from doing another leg. Still holding out hope though!
  17. If it’s any encouragement, I saw them during the second leg of the 2nd Law tour and, as far as I know, it was the original stage setup. However, I don’t think the 2nd Law tour undersold the way this one is, so who knows. The way I see it, there are ways they can strip back the production to cut costs while still being pretty cool to look at.
  18. Just trying to get caught up, I know the set list has been identical for all shows so far but does that go for the medley as well? Regardless, I was initially hard set against the medley but I’ve really warmed up to it, especially if they start to add variety to it.
  19. Having made a show during the 2017 arena tour, I’ve come to the realization that all I really care about (as far as spectacle goes) is a BIG opener and maybe a BIG encore opener. The rest of the show can just be the band and a few lights as far as I’m concerned, so long as the set list is good. With that said, this tour looks pretty dope.
  20. Tom Morello announced as support for the stadium shows in June. This has gotta be big for Matt. I’m genuinely afraid Matt will fade out like a Jedi after the first show. Really hoping the bring Tom out to help them with Something Human.
  21. I’m right there with you, my man! I’m in my last semester in school so I can’t do any traveling right now but I could make a fall gig. I remember during the 2nd Law tour they announced the second leg sometime in March or April, so hopefully we’ll be hearing something soon!
  22. Has it been brought up that they’ve yet to add “Hit Single Get Up And Fight” to the rotation? Not that I blame them. Those vocals sound like a doozy live; he’d definitely need at least one glass of water afterwards.
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