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  1. Hi ! I’m glad to read that you liked it, thanks dude ! 😁 Indeed, I had some regrets about those slidings for Invincible but to be honest I restarted playing guitar one year ago after 1 year with lessons when I was 15 yo (13 years ago then). I guess I could learn playing with bottleneck since I have learnt playing guitar by myself this time, but I anounced many times that I would release this cover haha, I couldn’t wait anymore ! My other regret concerns the fact that I didn’t own Kaos Pad at this thime so I controlled the whammy with the MIDI controller, but a birds-like effect such as Matt uses on live would be terrible 😍
  2. Hi Musers ! I wanted to get myself into Muse covers since it's my favorite band. That's why I launched the channel La Cave à Musique. The main purpose is to perform Muse covers but I plan to upload some classics coming from bands such as Simon of Garfunkel, Dire Straits or, more modern, The Strokes for example. The first cover was realised some months ago but never found the time to share it properly. It is a vocal and guitar cover of Invincible, one of my favorite song at many points. I realised later that i was not satisfied with it since I made a tons of grins haha, then don't be so harsh with it The second one is better since I fixed this grins problem. It's a vocal and guitar cover of Thoughts of a Dying Atheist, a forgotten jewel of Absolution I'd like to hear more on live ! I'm not really into shits such as subscribers or likes quest but I have to admit that would be welcome ! I hope you'll have as much pleasure to enjoy my cover that I have to perform them ! Thanks !
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