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  1. @Dave. here is using the ‘59 and the Bluesdriver. They have always been a signature kind of combo in my sound. They do well for this I think. I think I’m close to his psycho tone as far as OD. Working on the fuzz stuff next. Yes I know it’s in D and I played it in E btw. Any eq tweak recommendations. It’s a phone camera so there’s that lol EA420A4B-1A5E-44C6-9952-5C5C4C31589A.mp4
  2. Thank you so much! This is the exact kind of response I was hoping for. You actually outlined a lot of how I use my overdrive pedals. I usually use the bluesdriver to pretty transparently pushed my amp and then kick in the ‘59 for more distorted stuff. I just felt like a lot of the amp settings I was getting wrong. A lot of my tenure as a guitarist was playing have your blue stuff like Rival Sons and the like or straight metal so it’s always been weird for me to boost mids and cut bass. I have always loved Muse and realized recently that a lot of the tones I was using we’re not too far off as far as guitar goes and I’ve been really wanting to push genres the way they do in my own music. I don’t plan to cover them or completely emulate, but I was trying to get that same kind of canvas he uses for making The versatile and wide variety of sounds he does. Like them I want to push genre yet maintain that rock roots and I think his general tone and sound is the anchor or staple that does that. It actually sounds like I only have to make a few minor adjustments. I’m relatively new and my love affair with fuzz. So, I was having a hard time getting my amp sounding right as a good platform for it and A lot of the advice out there is more geared towards classic fuzz than what Matt does. Thank you so much again!
  3. Anybody have recommended amp settings for Matt’s basic live distorted tone? I have a significant amount different fuzzes. Namely for his tone though I have a Zvex Fuzz Probe, JHS Colour Box and a Keeley Compressor Plus. I’m running into a Marshall DSL40C. Overdrives I have on board are a stock Bluesdriver and a zvex ‘59 Sound. I also have other fuzzes including a Dr. Scientists Frazz Dazzler and a Fuzzhuggerz Phantom Arcade. I have plenty as far as whammy, verb, delay all that to tailor to different songs, but I’m looking more for a base live distortion/fuzz sound that is Matt/Muse like as a starting point. Any advice. Couldn’t find anything that clear cut on the forum. Everything seems Song specific. Mainly looking for base amp eq and settings to then build on. Any advice is welcomed though. Thank you!
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