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  1. I am not sure but it feels like the tv-version is a bit edited from the cinema version. Since it was some time ago I watched it in the cinema I might be wrong but here is what I feel is different. When I watch it in a cinema in Stockholm they had signs warning about the "flashing" lights in the movie (epileptic seizures) Those scenes seems to be edited away. I read that you felt that the atmosphere wasn't capture in the TV-version and I have to agree a bit to that. I saw the concert movie in a new movie theater in Stockholm with absolute state-of-art sound (dolby atmos) and picture (HFR high frame rate). Compare that to a 720p tv-version and you lose a lot, specially in t he sound. In the cinema I almost felt that the audience sounded to much 😁 . Just a some thoughts I have.. or maybe we both just have waited to long to see the concert at home and our expectations are to high after all waiting. I have attached some pictures from Stockholm 11 June 2016 Thank for the link to the video I really appreciate it 🙏
  2. Your Code For The September Shows Muse are pleased to announce four new shows on the Simulation Theory World Tour: 07 September | Oslo, Norway | Telenor Arena 08 September | Copenhagen, Denmark | Royal Arena 10 September | Berlin, Germany | Mercedes-Benz Arena 12 September | Amsterdam, Netherlands | Ziggo Dome Official Store pre-sale starts Tuesday 9 April at 10am local. Here is your unique code:
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