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  1. I ordered it from the MUSE store. My theory is that they make more money if I buy it direct then if I buy from Amazon, but who the heck really knows. In any case, I live in Southern California and got mine yesterday. I'm digging through the CD's now and trying to read the history at the same time. The early stuff is rough, but some interesting proto-MUSE sounds. I hear a bit of "Break it to me" in track 07 of the Newton Demos (Balloonatic which I had never heard, but MUSE Wiki says was released as Twin on some sort of B side thingy). So glad I bought it!
  2. I've been at this venue many times and I've always been able to park here even if we get there early. Sometimes you luck out and can even park for free, although last time I was there the parking attendants were there early so I had to pay, but at least we could park. There's nothing else much around there so you're kind of stuck. The stores around there are pretty savvy about people trying to park in their lots for concerts.
  3. A year or two I followed a Spotify playlist called "Deep Focus" and I use it at my office (it's an open office) when I need to concentrate and there are people around me talking. I was just listening to it again today when I heard this song and it sounded super familiar. Does it sound like a MUSE song to you? I can't pinpoint it off of the top of my head except maybe it's The Dark Side (Alternate Reality Version) and maybe I didn't notice it before because I was listening to it before ST came out. What do you think... am I hearing things or do you hear it too?
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