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  1. Well festivals in Belgium don't finish quite as early as in the UK, Muse are supposed to be on from 22:30 until 1
  2. Yes the airport is called Brussels Airport Zaventem. It's not that far in distance, but usually it will take at least an hour (more likely 1,5) from end of gig to Leuven, cause it's quite a walk back to the bus stop and there's going to be a queue as well. So if you stay until the end of the gig and Muse indeed play until 1 am, there's no way you'll be back in Leuven before 2 am.
  3. Not sure about Brussels Airport, but after the festival there is a free shuttle back to Leuven station, from there you can get a shuttle bus (18€ I think) to Brussel Zuid station, then you could take a train to the airport, although not sure how early in the morning the first one is, probably around 5 am. Brussel Zuid is also where the Eurostar leaves, maybe that's something to consider too. Or you can wait at Leuven station till 5 am as well for the first train to Brussels Airport, since your train ticket is included in the ticket for the festival anyway (you'll have to pay a small supplement for the airport though).
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