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  1. The Nijmegen hotels are apparently sold out, so we're thinking of staying in Amsterdam. Problem is, the hotels there are so damn expensive, so we'll have to stay somewhere near the airport I guess. There is a company that has organized buses Amsterdam-Nijmegen-Amsterdam, and it's not cheap at all, but what other options do we have? And I hate it only leaves in the afternoon, which means we won't really have time to see Nijmegen at all, and we'll be travelling from the other side of Europe. Anyway, if more people will stay around the airport area maybe we can convince them to make a stop there. We're 4, but they need more people to make an extra stop. Here's the company (if anyone's found another company pls let me know...) https://www.eventtravel.nl/en/busreis-Muse-Nijmegen-Goffertpark/
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