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  1. They play a bit of reapers as part of the Metal Medley - Have fun at the gig!
  2. No I wasn't planning on going that far. However, Japan is on my list of places to visit and if it means getting a chance of "Can't take my eyes off you"....
  3. Yeah, that's sort of what I meant Not special as in track choice. At this point I guess it's about making a choice based on the venue/the crowd, and I thought that Bristol would be more intimate being about half the capacity of London Stadium (or any other locations I am considering ie. Rome/Madrid)
  4. Hello experts, After the RAH show the other day I´m super hyped and want to see Muse again and I am thinking of the next gig! I live in London but willing to travel within the UK and Europe if the venue/crowd is going to be especially good. I was thinking Bristol... as it sounds quite special. But Madrid is also high on my list (I'm spaniard and it´s the last show on the European leg) as well as Rome (the videos from those gigs are sooo energetic) Any recommendations?
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