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  1. I'm going to Singapore for their show on 21 September. We can meet up at the venue there. Also, there's a contest for Artiste Meet & Greet with Muse you can participate in. Sadly I can't join the contest because my ticket is on someone else's name. Check out this link https://singaporegp.sg/en/fanzone/contests#2019-meet-and-greet
  2. Almost RM600 utk tiket sahaja 💆🏻‍♂️ Mmg dream come true la kalau dtg Malaysia lg lepas 12 tahun. Dah kemarauuu ni
  3. Yeah I am planning the same too. But need Asia Tour so badly. They have skipped us too long already.
  4. Where are other Malaysian Musers now? We need to show Muse that Malaysia needs them here!
  5. I might be going too. Singapore GP has published their performance time. It'll be around 1 and a half hour show. http://www.singaporegp.sg/entertainment/2019-entertainment-line-up/2019-muse This will be my first Muse gig ever! Any tips, though?
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