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  1. Had the same experience in the presale code that i got for purchasing the album, however didn't realize until i purchased that the tickets had partially obstructed view (not sure if it was clear or not prior to completing my purchase). Evenko's algorithm to pick the "best" available tickets is clearly broken. Complained to them but since all sales are finale, they won't help. So pre-ordering the album at a premium price (they charged 10$ USD shipping since we're in Canada) to get premium access to the tickets sale was a complete waste it seems. That presale code gave us access mostly to partially obstructed view tickets, and that really feels wrong. I tried to get my hands on better ticket during the general sale, and i managed to pull up tickets in the red, but a bit further in the back. Didn't pull the trigger since i didn't want to have to resell 5 tickets, but as i tried to do that, i discovered that i would have gotten the new album for free with the tickets during the general sale! So... pre-ordering to get access to bad tickets, then manage to see better tickets with free album during the general sale == sad. If anyone wants to trade 5 non-obstructed view tickets for obstructed view tickets, don't hesistate to reach out
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