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  1. got mine ! no probs at all straight through, smashed now - again !
  2. just looked on seetickets out of curiosity for london - Seats £38.50 inc fee - tickets not available (yet) production seats to be released maybe?? same as MEN a few years ago, turned out to be really good seats as they built around the back & stage moved there anyway
  3. Oh well .. Ticketmaster can’t get us 4 seats together lower tier ambulant seats or not .. nor 2 ambulants & 2 normal next to it ... wonderful .. running with a blind man it is ! Should be fun 😩, Any1 had experience of managing to get GA seating ? Bearing in mind we won’t get there till about 3pm earliest
  4. hiya yeah i spoke to them this morning , they said it shouldnt be a problem and was seating available but had to be passed to accounts. i was fine with until they mentioned it could be up to 72 hrs, which takes us well passed general sale -hence less/no tickets left. first time ive changed anything with ticketmaster so not sure how good they are at responding. general customer service/ disability phone numbers i can find, unless there is a direct accounts one
  5. now going through the process of waiting to see if ticketmaster can reallocate our ticketes from GA standing/seating to ambulant access, as i too have never heard of this at concerts and wheelchair access is not viable for registerd blind people. After not getting the option of a lower tier offered yesterday I opted for Ga & having to gamble on the prospect of running for seats with a blind friend for a lower tier seat hopefully in front of the half way line. Hope ticketmaster dont take the 72 hrs though as stated to come back to me
  6. god i hope so, i dont mind running for a seat, but my other half couldnt manage standing all day. I always get decent seats but no luck this time and for the first time ended up assuring the hubby that this GA inc unreserved seating so a chance of getting seats nearer than the back of beyond i was getting offered. im hoping most ppl that choose pitch standing as their first choice - im happy with the seats! hopefully we dont have to be there at a ridiculous time to succeed
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