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  1. Thank you... I am on hold with them now. lol
  2. I was just so thrilled to get seats I didn't bother to change the "flash seats" delivery... Do you have experience with this? Is it normal to not have gotten a message from them yet? TIA
  3. Not too shabby for the Houston show... I see people already reselling them on the ;rateyourseats" site... Section 107 row 20.... but it could be worse. PS Anyone know how we go about getting the CD or DIG D/L of the album?
  4. Glass half-full I got tickets for Houston's show in the Section I wanted (107) Glass half-empty But row 20.... lol Still super stoked!! My bf will be soooooooo surprised.... if I can keep a secret that long.... How'd yall do with your presale tix finds?
  5. Can anyone confirm ability to buy at least 2 side by side tickets with presale/member code?
  6. Does anyone know exactly which seats to purchase at Toyota Center? There are several possible layouts for events... 8 in total and I am unsure which configuration MUSE uses. Any help would be great. Thanks
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