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  1. forgot how critical you all are, completely different to reddit as I said, I predict you to rank this album below Drones/T2L eventually. Personally, though, I think Thought Contagion works (yes it's a bit too long) but it's actually a BANGER live and a nicely melted together song. On the other hand, SH could've done with ever being dropped or re-worked completely, instead of having Rich Costey and the band smother it with some vocoder and WUB effects. Dig Down is alright in my opinion, the AR is particularly great. GUAF is just whatever, hearing what it's about makes me hate it less, I truly feel bad for Matt after hearing the news - I can't bring myself to hate that song!
  2. Worried and excited, Matt says they'll play "melodies" of their heavier songs instead of playing the full things.
  3. What's interesting is Matt said this started out as a "mellow song, a bit like starlight" and Shellback essentially went NO. Wonder how different it would've been.
  4. Sadly, give it another month and you guys will hate this album or just regard it as being as bad as drones/t2l. I personally think it's not right now but I can already see people downgrading the songs!
  5. As I predicted, the downfall starts.
  6. Pretty sure this has a D2 in it, Matt's lowest note ever? The "A star" is super audible in the Acoustic Version, gives me shivers. This track is fucking brilliant.
  7. Damn, did anyone else see that Matt's studio (where he wrote and recorded ST) has just burnt down. CORRECTION: Almost burnt down, probably damaged as fuck, a helicopter saved it.
  8. Jobby, do us a favour and just get The Void (Acoustic) on Spotify or something (it's on YouTube on the MUSE channel) I need to see your reaction to this now
  9. Good idea tho, a decent record, see you in 2 months when everyone hates it!
  10. It's just a really solid track and will no doubt be insanely good live. SOLD!
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