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  1. Stadium sets will be longer, so I expect The Void to have its own slot there... and maybe a few more rotation slots as well. Anyone else bummed by the "Propaganda/SH", "Hysteria/Resistance" (wth???????) and "BITM/Blockades" rotations? Part of me really hopes they won't rotate anything...
  2. I was asking rather because so far it looks like it's happened at every single gig. I stumbled upon a couple of instagram comments where some girls were lamenting that security had pushed people back (hard) even though they were all just extending their hand to shake Matt's. That seemed a bit weird but security does that sometimes. Only that I always remember just one guy (or even just Dom A) "following" Matt on his greeting tour, 's'why I asked about extra security
  3. Question: is it just me or security around the barrier seems not only doubled but also stricter than in the past? Referring especially to the moment Matt goes and shakes hands with people in the crowd, there's a couple of dudes pushing people back before Matt can even shake their hand.
  4. Idk I'm not an attorney but there are precedents for this and it was always concluded that you can't dispute management decisions. Especially since what they give you (vips) is still early access even though the terms aren't specified in the conditions....but they weren't very specific for the drones tour either. It's up to them to decide how they want to execute it but it's early access in both cases, if you only skip GA queue or you actually get inside before everyone else. Top trier VIPs DO get inside before anyone else so it's just those middle bundles that are executed in a different way. I think it's both because of the initial protest (and backlash they got for the drones tour early access) and because they sold too many and didn't want to make things worse (or get in trouble...don't think you can reserve the whole front without a vip pit policy) but kinda not illegal because they're still "technically" giving early access.
  5. Not trying to be pessimistic on purpose but I don't think refunds in Europe work any differently. If anything, it's worse over here... US consumer laws are pretty hardcore. Though there is really nothing you can do in both cases if think about it. That's the worst part of it. Say, if someone with a GA ticket is let in the golden pit even though they don't have a pass for that (how many times does that happen... that's why I don't buy golden pit tickets anymore. You just need to be there early to get a wristband, save money and run for the barrier like anyone else) you wouldn't have any right to complain either because that's management's call. Same here with letting GA in at the same time as 2nd trier VIPs. The organizer (CID) doesn't have any power over management and management doesn't owe you anything. It's like complaining because they use different props or change the set.
  6. Seems like Dallas was a mess all around (the lottery fu*kery too)... but that was all on the venue I think? Though I think I would be pissed if I had paid 500$ to play some VR games and then see my time there reduced to 10 minutes. How much time do top trier VIP actually have with the games? I've read of someone who couldn't even play a round before it was time to line up to access the floor... that is simply robbery. IMO they should have not had the 2nd level VIP package. It creates confusion because of the way it was advertised and generated discontent among the folks before tickets went on sale because to be completely candid,they were really making it sound like it was the only shot to a barrier spot. IIRC the VIP packages on the Drones tour all included the museum experience...that made sense. Paying extra only to skip the line and get a tin lunchbox? Greedy and unfair to people who can't afford the price and are still very deserving of a front spot like anyone else. Again I think they changed it since last tour because of both the backlash they got for it and because they sold more bundles than they were expecting and feared causing a real storm (the petition was already enough... I will never forgive the people holding up those signs at the Royal Albert Hall. That was just rude and Matt was pissed about it, thinking the motion didn't reach the band is just naive at this point). They're still not breaking any law because line skipping is early access but hell, I understand that people are pissed about it. I would be mad too if I had paid extra thinking I would be let on the floor before the others and then seeing it reduced to me having to run for a spot as GA comes in from the other side. It would still be only my assumption because the conditions are not clear about this (do I enter before GA? How early is the access?)....and that's why they're allowed to do this. I get it that on one side they're trying to make everyone happy. Imo, next time, they should just NOT have early access bundles. It's really not worth the price and the drama. Nothing against the EE bundles instead, that looks cool although overpriced.
  7. Yeah but they had a proper VIP pit there (it was one of 30STM VIP bundles) so the policies are very different... The ticket says "early access to the floor before doors", right? I haven't been following this closely but it seems like VIP were given access to the venue before doors and then waited there in line to be let on the floor, am I correct? According to some they had a full minute headstart on GA and some others say they were let in at the same time or 20 seconds apart. Though they still accessed the floor from another side in any case. If so, it's still the same... skipping the GA line does give you early access to the floor (because you don't go through the GA line), and before doors because you're already inside the venue (I'm guessing they do security checks before doors so that also counts as early entry). It's just a different system than that applied on the previous tour but still early access. One question, do the VIPs who get the EE package have a bonus headstart? So far I haven't seen any of them complaining...
  8. I think that is exactly why they're letting GA in at the same time.... people first protested against VIP assuming they would take up the whole barrier (that's never been the case imo, I don't even think they can actually reserve the barrier to VIPs only) and then bought VIP tickets anyway because what is coherence. So they basically ended up selling a lot of them... Since they have so many VIP GA standers and they can't risk them occupying the whole barrier (now that would be a reason to complain or even sue imo) they're letting GA in at the same time to make things fairer. I don't think it's either a scam or fake advertisement either, because skipping the line is still early access. You don't have to queue for hours for a chance to get a front spot, but once you're inside you're just like any other GA stander. That's fair, imo. I would get VIP only because I hate queueing. It's simply different from previous tours (drones) and no wonder there either, the GA early access caused a small riot on that tour (though the stage was 360° and the barrier space could accommodate everyone, vip and "peasants"). They actually did not have early access for general standing in the european vip packages (or at least most of them), VIPs got seats.
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