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  1. Is it because of Matthew's vocal chords, that he can sing high? I can sign that high but only until Plug In Baby high notes. Showbiz is Matthew's highest note, if I am not mistaken. If I cannot reach Matthew's vocal chords high notes, does that mean it is just impossible to reach the high notes even though with much practice and training?
  2. How to remove scratches at effect pedal. My Zoom g9.2tt has scratches at the back cover? Any help?
  3. Where is the best site to download Muse clips?
  4. I even stop listening to Muse when I am driving, but, whenever I heard them in a radio play, I do get excited.
  5. Why I should not listen to Muse?
  6. Should I stop listen to Muse? Are their new albums are not good as the old albums?
  7. You still listen to Muse? You remember me? You are from Sweden, correct? I have question, do you know the hidden administrator account in Windows?

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