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  1. Gents, This is a bit of a long story so I truly am trying to summarize. I'm active duty U.S. Army who incurred a brain tumor while in processing to the Army (great timing) in 2009. All went well, got through the training and surgery, but I wanted to tell you specifics. Post Surgery, I made my family play your music throughout my recovery (roughly a year plus so they became fans as well) through Showbiz, Hullabaloo, OoS, BHS etc...this has become our families healing music. Gents, I even played plug in baby for my wedding intro haha (that took a lot of convincing from the wife). I wanted to extend a thank you and a positive message of keep doing what you are doing. Your talent is beyond measure and I pray that you never stop. Gentlemen, please understand there's a strong base of fans here in the US. Beyond the politics, news, and friction...there are fans. Music is a global language and I pray you never stop. Thanks guys. -Will
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