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  1. I was at The Forum (3/11) and I had to keep looking behind me to see if the folks seated there were standing up or sitting (so I wasn't blocking their view) and they kept fucking about and sat, stood, sat, stood...it was making me paranoid, lol. But I'm neurotic like that. When I saw them in Seattle we stood up and a security gaurd came and told us to sit down. I try to go with the flow and do what the people around me are doing, but I really can't fathom sitting for a concert (unless it's for a chronic pain/disability, ofc).
  2. Does anyone who had floor seats know what Matt was giggling his head off about 3/4 into the show? I wish I could remember what song it was. He was laugh-singing there for a while. I couldn't see too much from my seat, unfortunately!
  3. Undisclosed desires. Make sure you make heavy eye contact with someone and run your hand down your throat/chest when you sing "pleeeeaaaaase me"
  4. I gave it another listen with what you said in mind...it still fell flat to my ears, but I suppose that says more about me than it does the song. I love it when Matt goes over the top, lol. Thanks for taking the time to explain the appeal to me!
  5. I honestly don't understand it. Explain to me what I'm missing? Maybe my ears/heart are broken
  6. Ah, hmm. There are certainly several overplayed muse songs that come to mind, but as far as songs I've seen people drooling over on here, I would say that I don't get the hype for shine + shine acoustic. It's....alright?
  7. BPD is one hell of a drug and Hysteria has always been one of my go-to songs when I'm going out of my mind There is the weird dissociate-y inward crumbling that is represtended by "To be endlessly caving in and dreaming I'm alive" And the manic, selfish, almost ravenous hysteria (badum) that is represented by "Cause I want it now, I want it NOW--give me your heart and your soul" I feel it so deeply on every level. That song gets me pumped as fuck.
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